USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping is the SAME cost to Hawaii and Alaska!

  1. Sorry... just had to vent.

    I live in Hawaii and I understand if the shipper prefers to use Fedex or UPS ground to keep shipping costs cheaper... that having to then ship out of the contiguous 48 costs more because it goes by air.

    I even understand if the seller says they use USPS parcel post or regular priority shipping as their means of shipping and they ask for Alaska & Hawaii residents to contact prior to bidding to ask for shipping costs.....

    HOWEVER, if a seller states they ship USPS flat rate shipping to the lower 48, and in the same shipping description say they mean to charge more for shipping to "Hawaii, Alaska, or other international locations" then it just peeves me.

    Hawaii and Alaska are part of the US and flat rate covers us the same as any other state.

    Thank you for letting me vent.
  2. If it's the same flat rate to all states, Hawaii and Alaska included, there's no reason for the seller to charge you extra just because you live in Hawaii...I'd report that.
  3. I think what the seller means is that their own shipping rate is flat regardless of what zone they are shipping to. For instance, I live in WA and I can ship a 1lb package to NY for $5.50 or to OR for $4.50 or so. A small USPS flat rate box would cost $5.00 or so for both destinations.

    The difference is usually quite small anyways.

  4. OP, how long does it usually take for a package to get to Hawaii from the mainland if a person ships using USPS flat rate priority mail? Is it the promised 2-3 days?
  5. Some sellers don't uise the term flat rate to mean a flat rate box. They just mean all shipping is the same cost to the lower 48.
  6. I live in Hawaii and this drives me nuts too!! Or people who won't ship to us at all! I've also had people who stated they ships USPS priority mail then ship it parcel post! This drives me nuts because they stated priority mail in the auction (which only takes 3 days), and because parcel post takes 4 weeks from the East Coast to get here!!!!

    Ok, I'm done.
  7. Ridiculos!!!! This seller is a dummy. The pricing is the same. These FLAT RATE boxes can be used to ship anything within the USA. And that includes Hawai, Alaska and APO/FPO!! Even if they are stationed in JAPAN!!!

    I agree.
  8. I noticed some people say they charge more for the Flat Rate shipping outside the lower 48 too. :nogood: Off the top of my head, Flat Rate includes AK, HI, Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Northern Mariana Islands (MP). There might be more that I'm missing too!
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    Maybe that seller just want more $$$ in their pocket from shipping charges... pathetic. But then again, I wouldn't know. I've bought shoes from an FPO/AP address and the seller charged $19 when the postage added up to only ~$10.
  10. The difference is small.. sellers can be weird.
  11. OP sorry to hear about your frustration. =( Some sellers are really clueless or some are taking advantage of the situation.

    I have an FPO address and some sellers (mostly, eBay sellers) panic when they find out I am overseas. I have to explain that I have a US (Military) address and mailing to us is just like mailing to anywhere within the US. NO extra charge in shipping fees at the Post Office. You just need to fill out a Customs Form, that's it. But, like I said, some sellers take advantage of it and charge me more... I was once told that they needed to charge me an extra fee because they will have to go to the Post Office to fill out a Customs Form. LOL
  12. I live outside of the US (i'm in Canada) and I charge a "flat rate" for US shipping but prices are different based on location. IF I ship to Alaska or Hawaii it costs double what it would cost to ship expedited to LA and it takes twice as long.
  13. i think if you ship flat rate box, the cost is the same to continental US state or HI or AL. But if you just ship priority packages, the cost to HI and AL is more, just depend on the zones. A lot of time, things don't fit into flat rate box, so i guess seller just want to protect themselve just in case

  14. Its usually 3-4 days if the package goes to HNL/Oahu, but longer if it has to go to one of the other islands, a week is not uncommon. And if it is to a rural area, even longer, because some of our POs are not open Saturday at all. There are lots of areas that do not have residential delivery and you have to go to the PO to get your mail.

  15. Some buyer wanted to double his shipping cost from $7.99 to $18.99 just because I live in Hawaii.

    (rolls eyes)