USPS pre-paid postage question


Jul 1, 2006
Hi all! I was just wondering, if you print a shipping label on a package and leave it in your mailbox, will the postman take it? Or do you have to take it in person to the PO? I've always gone to the PO myself but I thought it would be nice to eliminate that step if I could :idea:


Apr 27, 2006
Luckily I have a big mailbox! I always print my USPS labels from home & put the packages in my mailbox. My mail carrier picks them up, no problem.

But I also had a fill-in carrier leave a package in my mailbox one time.. I would think that in mail carrier 101 class, they would tell them that if there is a package in a mailbox, to at least check it to see if it's going out...


Apr 28, 2006
I always schedule a pick-up. That way the carrier gets a printed pickup notice and comes to my front porch or my front door to get the parcels. I have a really great mail carrier. Did you guys know you can now do the international stuff online too? It is soooo great. It is a five-part form that you have to print, but once you get the hang of it, it's so easy. The carrier can pick those up too. You just need the plastic sleeves for the five-part form to adhere to the front of the package. I get those in bulk at the post office or you can order them online at For airmail parcel post you also get a tracking number so the receiving party can track it online. I've sent about 10 packages using that system and they always get to where they are going with no problems.