USPS - Potential lost/misplaced package

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  1. On Sunday, 8/17, I sold a handbag to a buyer in CA. I live in AZ, so we're not far from each other. I took the package to the PO on Monday, 8/18, and sent it priority mail with signature confirmation. Since that time, the confirmation number on the slip has shown a "There is no record of this item" status on the USPS website. Usually there is some sort of update such as scanning at a hub or destination post office, but here it is Thursday, 8/21, and still no sign of where the package may be in transit. I have never had a problem with domestic shipping and I've sold a lot on ebay. I have had packages arrive to the east coast from here in 2 days, so cannot understand the delay to the same coast.

    At what point do I consider the package lost, reimburse the buyer, and file a claim with the PO? The buyer has been patient but I'm sure she is getting a little panicked as I am, and as I would be if I were on the receiving end. There is a chance the signature confirmation slip became separated from the package and she will receive it, and if that happens I am hoping she will let me know since I'll have no formal confirmation. We both have 100% positive feedback and good ebay reputations so hopefully all will end well. I just need some assurance and advice until that time!
  2. It's only the 21st...although priority often takes only a day or two, it sometimes is longer. I'd give it a few more days for sure.

    And FWIW, the USPS doesn't track packages. Usually it just says "accepted" and then "delivered" but I have also had experiences where it doesn't update until it was delivered. I'd give it a few more days then go down to the PO and see if you can get some answers.

    If you insured it I am sure it won't be a problem.
  3. ^Thanks for the reassurance. It doesn't even show an accepted status, that's what worries me. It's been showing there is no record of my package since I mailed it.
  4. It won't be scanned until it is signed for/delivered.
  5. Next time, get the mailing label online from (There is a small discount as well.) Check the box that you want the scan form. After you print out your shipping label, proceed to print the scan form. Tape the shipping label onto your package. Take you package and the scan form to you local post office for drop off. Make sure that you have the post office personnel scans the form to confirm that you have dropped off the item. Keep the form for your record.

    Now, with the scan form scanned by usps, your item will be tracked at every interim stops, and you can view these details online by typing your tracking number. I have used the scan form for both US and international priority (not just Express Mail International) mail/package shipment. The detailed tracking surely comes in handy and calms a lot of nerves.

    Good luck with finding your package soon.
  6. Writing this thread was good luck! The package was just delivered!! I always "speak" too soon, LOL, but I love the commaraderie in this forum (website!).

    Thanks gals!!
  7. Give PO a few more days. Sometimes they just only scan a package when it arrives to its destination. Happen to me many times. I also lost my package via eBay transaction with USPS as well. The seller shipped the item with delivery confirmation. A couple days later, the system showed it's delivered. However, I didn't get it and no clues where it was. I paid $25 for it :sad:

    My suggestion is when you drop your package at PO and use delivery confirmation service, make sure they scan the barcode right away. That will give you a proof and protect you against other disputes if something goes wrong with delivery process.
  8. Glad it ended well with you.
  9. USPS DOES TRACK PACKAGES! (depending on the delivery method) That is, only when they feel like scanning it along the way. Every post office pretty much runs as an independent so they are all a little different. Its a big inefficient governmental operation!

    At the least... the tracking should have shown that the item was received.
  10. ^^ LOL
    I always use USPS and you are correct - sometimes they scan it and other times they do not.
  11. I'm glad it worked out for you roey! I just wanted to say that I once had a USPS Priority Mail package disappear on me for 3 weeks! So sometimes these things happen. :smile: