USPS Parcel Post, how long should it take?

  1. I won a bag and wallet last Friday that was shipped a week ago today. The seller accidentally mailed it Parcel Post rather than Priority, so it has signature confirmation but is not trackable en route. I live in Virginia and the seller is in Kentucky and the bag isn't here yet. For those of you who have experience with Parcel Post, how long should I wait before getting nervous? :confused1:
  2. 7-10 business days. But I've gotten packages after 15 so who knows.
  3. Oh, that is great news! I was thinking that since we are just one state away that it should be pretty quick, but it sounds like they are in no hurry...I guess I'll just have to wait this one out. As long as I get my loot, I'll be happy!
  4. Parcel post is the worst. I think they ship it via some guy on a donkey or something. As mentioned earlier, it can take up to 15 working days. However, I have no idea how a seller can ship something parcel post "by accident". Most people that ship parcel post are simply CHEAP! You may want to compare your shipping charge against the sellers actual cost.
  5. It takes forever 7-10 days. I hope it comes soon. Good luck
  6. yes, sometimes more than two weeks .. a loooong time!
  7. I am in the same situation. I bought a bag 7/10 and it still has not gotten here. However, I live in Alaska and I have had things from Chadwick's and such that have taken up to 4-6 weeks. I have contacted the seller and we are watching for any problems other than it takes awhile. I hope yours comes faster than my is.
  8. If the bag/item is under 13 ounces, ask the seller if they can ship via first-class. I just won a car cassette tape adapter on eBay, which stated it would be shipped via parcel post. I asked the seller if she could ship via first-class instead (since I didn't want to wait 2 weeks for it) & she kindly replied that eBay wouldn't let her choose first-class for some reason, so she sent me an updated invoice.
  9. I just had this exact same experience with a seller. She shipped the box on Thursday the 17th and it finally arrived today. So it takes a WHILE!
  10. Parcel Post is freaking retarded. It usually takes off a couple of dollars MOST from priority. Last time I brought something Parcel post it took 5 days to receive the item from Northern California to Southern California. I guess they walked it out here or something.

    All I can say is be prepared to WAIT. What kind of shipping did you pay for or did it just say 'Flat Rate Shipping'?
  11. The seller has been great and apologized for the mix up. She only charged $5.90 for shipping (with signature confirmation and insurance for $750), so I really don't hold it against her.

    I probably would have been quicker to ride a bike to Kentucky and pick it up in person.
  12. foreverrrrrrrrrrr..... still waiting for mine that was shipped more than 10 days ago. but i can tell from tracking that it slowly is making progress.
  13. I sent a large package from michigan to KY via parcel post a couple weeks ago and it took her 6 business days to recieve it and it was huge it weighed almost 20 lbs. So from ky to va I would think you should get it in 7 or so, if not I'd contact her again.
  14. PP should be called pony's taken 2 weeks in my experience.
  15. Yukon, I sent a package from PA to Hawaii last yr and it took 5 weeks parcel post - never again!