USPS Not Updating My Returned Package Status - Worried :(

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  1. I've purchased a bag that was significantly not as described and proceeded to open a case when the seller refused to take it back. Once the case was opened, the seller changed her mind and agreed for me to return the item for a full refund and chose that option through the case. I got a message from ebay to send the item back for a full refund and to send it by 2/24. This is all still at the work it out stage of the case and has not been escalated to customer support yet.

    Fri 2/21 I sent out the package with USPS Priority Mail 2-DAY and purchased signature confirmation since the item was worth more than $250. I did not purchase insurance.

    Tracking updates as shown:

    2/21: Acceptance (CA)
    2/21: Dispatched to Sort Facility (CA)
    2/22: Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility (CA)
    2/22: Depart USPS Sort Facility (CA)

    The expected delivery date is 2/24 which was yesterday. Today is 2/25 and so far tracking remained the same :sad: It did not even show that it had left CA and arrived to the seller's state yet.

    I am worried that it may be lost or fell off the back of the mailman's truck at this point. I don't see how as it was a rather large box.

    The case is showing awaiting seller's action and " Please wait for the item to be delivered to the seller." "Once your item is delivered, the seller will issue a refund within 3 days"

    The case will automatically close on 3/22

    When the seller sent me the package, it arrived to me in exactly 2 days. The seller did not buy insurance and did not even purchase signature confirmation. That shows her state is not that far away from mine.

    I am not sure why it is taking so long for the package to arrive back to the seller. I did check the weather forecast where the seller is and it showed clear yesterday, and will rain today/tomorrow. Could the weather be the cause of delay?

    I am so worried that the tracking will never update to Delivered/get the signature ect...

    My fear is the seller will get her item back and the tracking just stopped there... :sick:

    Would I be able to still get my refund from Ebay if that is the case??

    Thank you for reading my lengthy post ...
  2. Call the 800 number and open an investigation/case. Someone will call you with more information.
  3. I know returns cause anxiety, but I wouldn't worry at all yet. The expected delivery dates have been way off lately - I had a two-day Priority package take 8 days. I would give it a few more days, and then if the tracking doesn't update, you can contact USPS.

  4. I've called and they told me that on 2/26 which is tomorrow - they can do an investigation/trace for me.

    I am so worried as it is $800 and I am kicking myself for not insuring it as I have never had issues before.

    The seller sent it to me without insurance or any signature confirmation and it got to me in exactly 2 days from the day she sent it. I figured it would be the same back to her hence I only purchased signature confirmation as required for items over $250.00

    If it is truly lost --or if it did arrive and the tracking just never updates -- am I going to be able to still get my refund from ebay?

    It would suck if the seller is able to get her bag back and still keep my money because tracking won't update :sad:

    Feeling sick to my stomach ... I will never not insure packages again.
  5. You should also talk to your local postmaster- I had something similar happen a while back and that's how it was solved- the local postmaster contacted the one at the destination and things were straightened out within a couple days.
  6. yes, proof of delivery is required before a refund could be issued.
  7. It's not stuck in the Bell Gardens sorting facility, is it? Bell Gardens is also known as the "black hole", one in which I've had problems with in the past.

    You will need to have proof of delivery in order to be issued a refund. Is there any particular reason you didn't purchase insurance?
  8. I have 3 USPS items that the tracking hasn't updated for in 4 days, I wonder if it's an issue with there system right now?
  9. I will stop by my post office after work today to see if they can do anything about this >.< Hopefully I will have similar outcome as you. :-s

    The latest tracking showed that it had departed the sort facility in Anaheim on 2/22

    The reason I did not purchase insurance was purely stupid on my part. I saw that the seller had sent the package to me without signature confirmation and without insurance yet the package arrived to me in exactly 2 days.

    I figured that it would be the same going back to the seller. I already had to pay $19 for the return shipping so I wanted to save a bit of $$ from the return shipping by not purchasing insurance :sad: I figured why pay more when it would get there anyway? So many times I insure packages and nothing happened.

    I truly hope this is the case and that everything will get updated soon!
  10. I've had many packages that didn't track consistently through USPS. A lot of times, it only updated when the packaged was delivered.
  11. Update: It is Out for Delivery today phewwww...... USPS is starting to look like a hit and miss >.< Think I will go with UPS from now on. Are UPS prices a lot steeper for signature confirmation ect?

  12. So happy for you- price differences for UPS vs. USPS mainly depend on weight- many heavy packages are cheaper with UPS Ground, I think.
  13. Okay great! Thanks so much! ;)