USPS NOT scanning DC/SC?

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  1. My experience is that one out of every ten delivery confirmation or signature confirmation number goes unscanned at the receiver end. At the drop off of my local post office they always go unscanned, unless I bring it to the counter and specifically ask them to scan it.

    I have only ever used the electronically printed shipping label on-line and I don't know if things are any better using those green/pink labels from USPS (it does cost 60 cents more). I suppose the drop off scan is at least guaranteed since that happens when you pay for it.
  2. How do you know they are not scanned? My husband works for the Post Office and all delivery confirmations have to be scanned. What may not show up on the postal web site, may have actually been scanned.

    At the end of the work day the scanners are downloaded into the postal computer and the "scan points" are part of accounting for where the carrier was at a given time.

    Check with the post office which you mailed items from, they should have the scan information you need.
  3. Haven't had this issue but I always take it to the post office and use those green deliver confirmation stickers since I don't have a postage scale.
  4. I have started to highlight the delivery confirmation bar and when I purchase insurance &/or signature confimation I write it in huge letters on the box.
    Most times the items are scanned when they reach their final destination, however, it is definitely not always the case.
    If the isn't scanned upon delivery and your buyer says it was not received then basically you are up for a refund.
  5. Well, I have packages whose status of tracking never show the "delivered" status, even long after the buyer has left me positive feedback and indicate that package was received. Fortunately so far I have had hontest buyers, but I do worry about what could have happened.

    Are you saying that the USPS website may not be up-to-date? My local post office tells me that they do not have any more information than what is available on the website. The most they can do is refund the cost of the delivery confirmation. If the label is printed on-line, as in my case, it was free anyhow!
  6. You spelt out my fears exactly! In all fairness, most of the time DC/SC are scanned just fine, but I'm worried that it will happen on the one package containing a high-end item going to a shady buyer. I think I am going to start requiring insurance on all my sales.

    I like your idea of highlighting the bar. I'll start doing that as well.
  7. hmm i've never had any of mine not scanned when delivered, have had many times where my printed labels aren't scanned when dropped at the post office.
  8. I know that there is a computer on the workroom floor that they call "DOIS". Everything is scanned into there. When that information gets to the public USPS website, I don't know. husband has worked his route for 20+ years and knows everyone and makes sure everything gets to the right person. But some of the people do not hold the same interest for correct delivery as others.

    You probably would be better to use the certified, or green cards. Or maybe, speak with one of the clerks, they should know the best way for you to get the proof of delivery you need.

    I hope it works out okay for you. Good Luck.
  9. Just because it doesn't show up on the website doesn't mean that it hasn't been scanned. I find that the 800 number on the ticket is usually much more accurate than the website