USPS lost package! Have you experienced this? Do they ever find it?

  1. This morning I received a mail from USPS with a letter inside telling me that my postage label (Paypal generated Priority Mail label) arrived at their Seattle Sorting facility without the package!!! The package is an item I sold on eBay on Apr. 27 and mailed out on May 2 (informed the buyer I will be late a couple of days since I was on vacation)! This was sent from NJ to WA so it's a long way..

    Now, I get the label back and instructions to fill out a Search Request form with details of the contents for them to do a thorough search. I quickly filled up the form, enclosed printed photos of the item and mailed it today. I am very upset, the package was uninsured ($150 value) and I read the form, it says the most they can do if they can't locate it is give me back the postage fees ($15 maybe). What do I do if they can't locate it? Has this ever happened to you? Do you refund the buyer? It's not her fault but neither is it mine? I feel so upset? Could it have been stolen??? How unthinkable that someone would do such thing??? HELP!
  2. Yikes. Sorry to hear this. Being that it was uninsured, you are basically out of luck getting the value back if they don't find it.

    If you stated in your auction that insurance was optional and the buyer chose not to purchase insurance, you would not have to refund the buyer. However, they would likely leave negative feedback in that case. Also, if they paid via paypal they most certainly will get their money back if they file a INR claim as you do not have a tracking number (do you? - I'm guessing not).
  3. Sorry to be contrary, but this isn't correct. If the package doesn't get there, the seller must refund. I know lots of sellers say that it's the buyer's responsibility, but that's not really the way it works. If the buyer files a dispute with Paypal, they will win, even if you said you can't be responsible for it.

    The right thing to do would be to refund the buyer. You would certainly deserve the neg and a chargeback if you just say "tough luck!" After all, none of us would accept that response from anyone we buy things from online.
  4. Yes, which is why I said that if they paid via paypal they would most certainly get their money back.
  5. Ok, well you also told her that if the buyer didn't purchase insurance, she wouldn't have to refund. If the seller took Paypal as payment, that's not correct. Nor would the delivery confirmation number save her if the item doesn't get delivered.

    I guess that is technically correct, since the buyer would have no recourse other than to bring a small claims suit (which she would be entitled to do for non-delivery of goods she paid for), though in my opinion morally wrong.
  6. You know at the usps counter they ask you if you want to purchase insurance in case of loss theft or damage. In the back of my mind I'm thinking that they are admitting it might get there it might not. If you write fragile on the box, I'm pretty sure they give it an extra kick. Even the counter guy told me that they really do knock these boxes around. Not they get knocked around in transit, but 'they' knock them around.
  7. I'm so sorry that this is happening to you. I find this strange, only the label ? how did that come off? Do you have a trackingnumber? if you track it what does it say ? Hopefully they will find the package. Do you maybe have a local phonenumber of the postoffice?

    I'm afraid that you will not get anything refunded.

    In the end USPS auctions off things:
  8. BTW, hope they find your package. I'm sure this is all very frustrating. It will be interesting to hear if the USPS actually manages to find your box--keep us posted.
  9. There still may be a happy ending if you included a packing slip and the post office is still able to finish the trip. I've heard of this happening.
  10. Hi! Thanks for all your responses-- I have a tracking number and when I track it, it says "Label returned to sender." I filled up the Search Request Form and enclosed pictures to aid them in looking for the package. I taped the label to the box so it's also strange how it could come off...

    Unfortunately, I don't have a packing slip inside. I should put in from now on though. My buyer has been very nice about it and I feel bad for her because she intented this as a present. I feel horrible and I apologized but I couldn't have anticipated this and this is not my fault as much as it isn't hers. It's so upsetting but I'm still hoping for some good ending.. Will keep you posted!
  11. this is incorrect. the seller is 100% responsible for making sure the item is delivered. if it never makes it there, and it's not insured, paypal will always side with the buyer and you will have to refund all of the money. it sucks, but that's how it is

    this is why any item I sell over$25 I require insurance.

    it's also not a bad idea to put a piece of paper inside all of your packages with both yours and your buyers address on it
  12. I did not say paypal would not side with the buyer, in fact I said they would.
  13. Unfortuantely you will have to refund the buyer all her money. If you would have insured it you could have filed a claim and recouped your money. Even if a buyer doesnt pay for insurance on my auctions, I still insure it. I would rather be out a few bucks of insurance money than hundreds of dollars because I didnt insure a package. Maybe your package will show up....
  14. you said:
    "If you stated in your auction that insurance was optional and the buyer chose not to purchase insurance, you would not have to refund the buyer."

    That is 10000000% not true. Period. It is always the sellers full responsibily if the transaction was done through paypal to make sure the package arrives to the buyer undamaged. These people who give optional insurance and then say it's the buyers fault for not buying insurance are wrong, paypal will side with the buyer.
  15. Yes, and then I went on to say that Paypal certainly would refund the buyer.

    If quoting me and telling me I am incorrect, it would be great to quote me accurately.

    I'm not going to belabour the issue.