Usps Lost My Ebay Package!!!

  1. OMG I WANT TO CRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was tracking my Coach buy online and today i check and it says it was DELIVERED AT 2PM!!! That couldn't be!!! I was here all day waiting for it and i called the post office and the 1800 number and they have TERRIBLE customer service.... iwant to cry.... any comfort????
  2. So sorry to hear that. They'll find it - don't worry!!!
  3. Thanks... but i think its lost forever.... HOW CAN THEY BE SOOO DUMB!?!?!? omg i think i'm going to hyperventilate.... :crybaby:
  4. I bought a watch and I was supposed to sign for it and well someone else signed for it and it took 2 weeks to track my coach watch back down but I did get it right before I was going to file insurance!

    tHat was a nightmare go to the post office with a print out of the website showing it was delivered. Get ugly you will have to for them to do anything, I know i was a pain and called 2 or more times a day asking for up dates on my watch!
  5. contact your eBay seller as well and let them know what is going on, my seller was most helpful to send me what ever I needed to help.
  6. ^Yes, I agree! Also, check the bushes around your house and call your neighbors to see if someone saw it sitting on your porch and picked it up for safekeeping.

    When you called the post office did you talk to general CS representative or did you talk to someone who actually works at your postal branch? I think it would also be a good idea for you to go to your post office tomorrow, if possible, and talk to the postmaster at that location.
  7. I had a large order of gymboree clothes signed for at the wrong location. UPS swore up and down that someone at my house signed for it! It was actually delivered to the wrong house one street over - I went over there myself when I looked up the name they signed. I couldn't wait for UPS to do an investigation - I wanted my stuff!!!!
  8. go to the post office, they will be a lot more help than the 800 number. was it insured? if so, for how much? if it's over $50, they are required to get a signature
  9. I'm always afraid that if I'm not home, the package will sit on my step and someone will come up and take it. That's like my worst nightmare. I hope you can find it, good luck!
  10. Even if it wasn't insured, you can file a "lost package" claim...

    The one and only time I've ever had to do this with USPS, the package mysteriously showed up within 24 hours of filling out the form (after being "lost" for 3 weeks, when delivery was 45 minutes away from where I live!!)... :graucho:

    Oh, I was the seller BTW, so your seller may have to go to their Post Office and fill something out... just check with your local branch and see what they advise you to do.
  11. I agree with what everyone on here said. Be a pain, make them want to be rid of you and chances are better of them finding it fast. Good luck!

  12. Well the crazy thiing is it was supposed to be delivered to my job SUITE 400 and its not here!!!

  13. Thank you for your advice it really does help to calm the nerves down.. but did they say it had been delivered or lost in transit??? mine says its been delivered!!! WHERE?!?!? So i called my DH and he called his uncle that works for the PO and he says he's almost sure that the package is at the PO casue they supposedly left a notice here but it was open thats why i suspected it was taken to the wrong address cause we were open from 9 -3 on sat and they "tried" to deliver it at 10:30 so i'm like freaking out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Sadly i was too dumb to notice that insurance was optional.... so that sucks... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :wtf:
  15. To be honest... I can't really remember.

    I get delivery confirmation on all of my items though, and I have had a few cases where items came up as "delivered", but were still sitting at the Post Office... Check in with them, and if they "don't know where it is", I would file a lost package form straight away... they will find it. :yes: Good luck!!!