USPS Lost an eBay Package I Sent :-(

  1. I am so frustrated with USPS right now! A few weeks ago I sold something (under $30) via eBay and sent it via USPS with delivery confirmation. Yesterday I received a letter from USPS stating that the mailing label came detached from the package and that they can't find the box. The letter also stated that they didn't know if the package had been successfully delivered, so I messaged my buyer and asked if she had received it. She hadn't so I immediately issued her a full refund.

    I have no idea how on earth USPS could have damaged the box so badly that the mailing label came off! The items were wrapped in bubble wrap inside the box and the box was very securely taped shut. The mailing label also had plenty of tape on it; there's no way it could have come off with normal handling.

    At this point all I can do fill out a Parcel Search Request form and hope they find the items. I am praying that my buyer does not leave me negative feedback. I apologized profusely for the inconvenience and issued a refund, so hopefully she will take that into consideration. I know it's the seller's responsibility to make sure packages reach their buyers, but I did everything I could to ensure that the box would make it there safely. It's a shame that sellers are responsible for the shipper's errors. :sad:

    Thanks for letting me vent!
  2. Sorry this happened & hopefully your buyer will be understanding & not leave
    you inappropriate/unfair feedback.

    Does it sound like the package was tampered with??

    Only asking because you describe that the package was taped so well & the
    mailing label would not come off so easily.
  3. I can't imagine that your buyer would neg you in this case. If she questions it, forward the email (or scanned letter) you got from USPS.

    You did do everything right but stuff happens that's totally out of your control. Fortunately, it wasn't an expensive (dollar-wise) loss but you did the right thing in refunding the buyer.
  4. Hi, hotshot! Yes, it is very likely that the box had been opened. I was sending two books, so the box was being shipped via Media Mail. I know the PO periodically checks packages being sent via Media Mail to make sure people aren't trying to send other items at a discounted rate. I'm wondering if they opened it for a routine check and then didn't properly package it back up.

    Interestingly, the package had made it to the buyer's state when it went missing. It had traveled across the county without any problems and then goes missing right before it should have been delivered.
  5. Luckily it was not an expensive item.
  6. Yes, I am thankful it wasn't a high-ticket item! I definitely will not use USPS for anything over $100. I had an issue with them awhile ago when they continually misrouted an eBay package for about a month. It was a nightmare, but I eventually got it back and sent it to my buyer via Fed Ex.
  7. Yes, I am thankful for that!
  8. I just heard from my buyer, thankfully she is very kind and understanding. She was happy to get the refund and she will buy the books from another seller.

    I'm going to send the Parcel Search Request form today. Hopefully the books will be returned to me, but I am not optimistic.
  9. ACK! I think I may have refunded too hastily! My buyer just messaged me saying that the books may be at her local PO! In my eagerness to do the right thing, I jumped the gun. I should have asked her to check her PO before issuing a refund. Thankfully, she seems very nice so I'm sure she will re-pay for the books if she does end up getting them.
  10. This sounds promising! I hope the books are at her local Post Office and all works out for you.

  11. Great news! I hope she gets her books, and I also hope she does the right thing and pays you back the money you refunded her.
  12. Thanks! Her last message said she was going call her PO but I haven't heard from her since then. I hope her PO has them!

  13. Hope her PO has them..
  14. If she doesn't want to repay you can you have the package recalled?
  15. I'm sorry this happened to you. It's for this very reason that I make sure the delivery address is included on a slip of paper inside the package. If it's a small package without a full packing slip then I write it by hand on a small thank you note. If the address is inside the PO can open the package and figure out where to send it. I've had two packages with destroyed labels in the last year so I don't take any chances.