USPS Limited International Insurance

  1. Is there a way to get more coverage on a shipment than the maximum allowed insurance amount? I've opened my auctions to include the UK, but the insurance max doesn't even cover my item's value, (UPS & FedEx estimates are around $150 so they're out of the question). I have a buyer from the UK with 0 feedback who wants to purchase, but I want to make sure it's completely covered.
  2. You can insure up to $500 online with USPS Express International postage and if you GO TO the PO to get postage you can insure for additional up to $5000.
  3. Oh goodness, thank you so much!!! :sweatdrop:

    My, my, forenfinal, I truly do love you! :heart:
  4. Express Mail shold let you insure for more. HOWEVER, I know certain countries have a limit to the amount of insurance you can purchase.
  5. That's what I was wondering. I went to to estimate shipping and each country would show a different insurance amount - $650 for the UK. Hmmm...
  6. I went to USPS yesterday to ship an item and found out the UK is only covered up to $650. My listings include this country, but my items will sell for more. Should I change my listings or is that a big no no? (There are no bids on my items, but I do know some watchers are from the UK)
  7. Realy? I swear I've insured more than that to the UK before.

    I would just keep UK in your listing and insure it for the full amount you can. I've sold 5 or 6 bags to the UK and they do go for more because the US dollar is so cheap for them. I alwasy send USPS Express mail and nothing has ever gotten lost. I sold my Prada python bowler and shipped it to the UK (it was $2K) and it got there a-OK after 2 weeks. But I really think I didn insure it for the full 2K. Maybe my Post Office will allow me (i,.e.charge me) for the full 2K insureance but will only reimburse me $650 when it's lost, LOL?)

  8. I'm pretty sure US sellers have insured things they've shipped to me for more than that. :yes:

    In fact, I know they have, as I had a problem with a seller insuring a Chloe bag for full retail, meaning that I had a very high customs demand.

    We're an English speaking (well we should be, as the UK incorporates England!) democracy, so no language barrier, with no immediate threat of civil war (as far as I'm aware, LOL!) so it's hard to imagine why one couldn't get decent insurance when shipping from the US. :shrugs: