USPS labeled delivered but never received

  1. I won a keepall 45 and it was sent Monday. USPS says it was delivered Wednesday at 1:19 to my neighbor's house. I had teh package delivered there because she's always home and was watching for it. The address was confirmed with the seller. My neighbor WAS home at 1:19 when it was listed that it was delivered. There has been no package. Her husband even drove to the next blocks thinking maybe our mailman delivered to the wrong address...nothing. How do I confirm that it wasn't delivered to the correct address? How do I get my $600 back? Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  2. Hmmm...your neighbor is honest, right? Then I would talk to the mailman (if you have the same one) to see if he/she did deliver a package there.
    For starters...
  3. Have you told the seller? First, speak to the manager at your Post Office--in person--and see if the package can be found. If they can't find it, get a note from them (if you can) stating just that. Tell the seller what happened if you haven't. The seller might think you're trying to scam her. Find out if she got delivery confirmation or signature confirmation; find out if she got insurance. File a claim with PayFoe for an item not received. If the package is MIA, even if it's the USPS fault, the seller will have to issue a refund for the full amount. If she insured the package, she can open a claim with the USPS to get her money back. If she didn't get insurance, she's skrud. As a seller, buying insurance is the only protection one can get. And as far as I know, if she sent the bag with delivery confirmation, she's still skrud, according to PayFoe, which requires Sig Confirmation, not Delivery Confirmation, to prove an item was delivered.
  4. Before you get all bent out of shape, contact your local Post Office. There's no reason to contact the seller yet or file any disputes.
  5. I hate USPS. Thank goodness my neighbors are honest and decent people because we always get each others' mail and packages by accident. Maybe it was actually delivered to the wrong house. It has happened to me even with delivery confirmation.
  6. Thank you everybody!
    1. My neighbor is totally honest. She is going to the post office first thing this morning.
    2. We have a MORON for a mail carrier.
    3. I told the seller who originally wrote back "it's my responsibility now and not his!" in a very hostile and rude manner
    4. I wrote back I knew he sent it because of a delivery confirmation number and tracking I got.
    5. The seller just got delivery confirmation without insurance or signature required (didn't ask me for insurance and I stupidly didn't ask)
    Anybody else have an idea? Would it really be the seller's responsibility? Please keep your fingers crossed for me. It's an expensive box! I don't want to have to pay for something I didn't receive.
  7. I am so sorry! Didn't someone say that delivery confirmation is not sufficient according to eBay or PayPal, and that signature is required to settle matters such as these? If so, then it is still his responsibilty I would think, but still a nightmare for you I am sure. Hang in there. :hugs:

    - I just reread the thread, sexy-eyed Karmen (lol) said that PayPal requires signature confirmation.
  8. If the item is found, great, game over. But if the item is not found, you should get your money back from the seller. In these situations, insurance is the seller's not the buyer's responsibility because the seller is the one sending the item and, in the end, if the item does not arrive, the seller has to issue a refund. The problem here is that the USPS recorded the item as "delivered" even though, apparently, it wasn't. The carrier better have an explanation... If he/she ****ed up, it's the USPS' fault and the seller, not you, will have to deal with them (with little success because he didn't buy insurance).

    The PO will try to locate the item. Ask them how they will search for the package before they give up--that way you have a timetable for the seller. Meanwhile, try to get the USPS to fix the records so that the items does not appear as "delivered." If they won't or can't do this, get the name and phone number of the PO manager (for PayFoe purposes), and ask him to write a brief note stating that the item is lost but was mistakenly recorded as "delivered." If whatever number of days go by and the USPS can't find the package, I would contact the seller again and ask for a refund--give him the Post Office info so that he can confirm that the package was not delivered / is still lost, whatever. If he refuses (because he might be concerned you're scamming him, given the "delivered" status) file an "item not received" with PayFoe and provide the PO manager's info and letter, pointing out that the seller did not get Signature Confirmation.

    Just go one step at a time. First step is to go to the Post Office and speak to the manager and carrier.
  9. Good news! I have a moron for a mailman! It was sitting in the post office for 3 days and my "letter carrier" was too lazy to pick it up or didn't see it. Now I just hope it's authentic! Will be confirming authenticity in a few hours. Thank you all for your ideas and suggestions. I know in the future certain safety measures.
  10. Great! Keep us posted
  11. LOL that's great! It is funny when the best possible outcome is that your mail carrier is a moron! :p
  12. Glad you got it. He probably scanned it and you weren't home, or scanned it ahead of time at the PO and forgot to leave you a card.
  13. I used to work at an office with a moron carrier, too.

    He was so bad, we all went around to each others' offices and shops to get mail to the right addresses.

    I once went to the post office to complain to the manager. I didn't know the carrier's name, so I described the fellow to the manager. The manager suddenly knew who I meant and said

    "Oh! You mean the crackhead! We have been trying to get rid of him for years."
  14. :lol:
  15. too funny!

    but in all seriousness, it's people like this idiot who compromise the integrity of the USPS. i frequently use them to ship and haven't had problems :knock on wood:

    but if more people like this idiot continuously get hired, then i may have to look for (costly) options to ship.. :tdown: