USPS Horror!!!

  1. Ok, here's the story.. .

    I purchased a (used) Magenta City via eBay last week and paid it right away. The seller sent it the next day I paid for it. She sent me the tracking informations and it showed on my paypal account as well. Mid-afternoon this Monday (6/18) the item showed as delivered. I had the item delivered at my job because I never miss it and never had any problems because someone can always sign it (whoever is in the mailroom). So I waited till the next day and asked couple of people from our mailroom and I was told that there was no package for me. I asked again today and I was told the same thing. Apparently, the seller only purchased a delivery confirmation. I called USPS and I was told whatever I saw online through track and confirm: DELIVERED.

    OMG, I'm about to cry. I doubt that the seller purchased a signature confirmation nor an insurance. I paid $900 for this purse and that is a lot of $ for me. :crybaby:This is supposedly by second B-bag and I am so upset that I have to deal with this. I have purchased and sold a lot of things on eBay and never had I experience anything like this.

    What should I do, if in case the seller doesn't have an insurance with the purse? :crybaby:

    Thanks a lot for reading. Any suggestion is very much appreciated.
  2. OMG- I'm so sorry for your lost purse--------- I hope the mailroom people will find it quickly!!

    Was it left in a community mailroom by chance? If so-- maybe it was stolen? Did you tell people a new purse was coming in?

    Either way it's gonnna gett suppper sticky...........**hugs** you will survive this!
  3. Okay... don't panic yet. There was a similiar story to this that happened over in the Coach area - and the bag turned up.

    First of all - I would definately find out if the seller got insurance. However, insurance won't do much if it is someone at your company that misplaced it, so keep after the mail room ppl.

    Also, you can file a loss/damaged item claim - REGARDLESS of whether the seller purchased insurance or not. (However, since yours is being shown as delivered, this may not be an option.) And if you have DC on the bag, its more likely to help the Post Office turn it up, if it is something on their end. However, if they did in fact deliver the bag - I'm not sure what kind of options you would have then...

    Definately check back to the mail room, any reception type areas in your part of your office, any assistants or interns that may work in your department, co-workers that you are bi-lateral with.... to see if the package is being "held" for you somewhere...

    Good luck!! And keep us posted. :flowers:
  4. I'm so sorry about your experience...I hope that it gets resolved soon.

    Just a little note...not that I am defending the seller, but I know that signature confirmation and insurance are usually extra - most sellers don't typically add it in their shipping fee and it's usually optional. Did it state on the auction what methods was being used - that the seller was going to ship with signature and insurance? If she definitely stated that, then you have a case since it looks like it was sent with Delivery Confirmation only.
  5. Wow, I'm so sorry you're in this situation. I don't have any words of advice, but wish you the best of luck getting this resolved. You might want to post to the main eBay forum where the experienced people there might be able to offer you some constructive advice on how to proceed.
  6. check the auction page and see if the item qualified for Paypal Buyer Protection. If it did, and if the seller met the requirements for paypal SELLER protection (DC, sending to a confirmed address, etc), than paypal will cover the loss if either of you initiates the claim claim. If it was covered under PBP, but the seller did not meet the requirements for PSP, then paypal will reimburse YOU, but it will come from her account. If the item qualified for both PBP and PSP (because the seller did everything they needed to for their eligibility), paypal actually eats the costs. I hope that makes sense.

    Alternatively, if you used a CC, you could do a chargeback, and avoid paypal claims altogether.

    But this is all if the bag is permanently lost! Hopefully the bag will turn up!!!!
  7. If the amount is over $250, then seller has to get signature confirmation to have seller protection. Does the tracking info show if anyone signed for the package?
  8. That's true it is required for items over $250 for PSP, but I believe SC is something you request after you have required signature, when you need proof - it's a faxed mailed copy of the actual signature. If the seller didn't require signature for delivery, he/she can't get signature confirmation. And again, that's only for he/she to be covered. The BUYER is covered if the item has the PBP seal on the auction page. Whether or not the seller is covered only impacts the seller.

    I have been a covered buyer when the seller failed to meet the seller protection requirements.
  9. I am so sorry this is happening to you!!

    This is exactly why I ask everyone, store, personal, whatever to send stuff me SIG REQ and fully insured. And I in turn -always- ship that way.

    Sending good purse karma your way that they find the bag for you somewhere. I'd hate to think of someone getting a special item like that 'free'.

    And failing that, hopefully your PP or CC can cover you so at least you won't loose money.

  10. USPS should be able to find out where your package is. Did you press the details button on the USPS Track/Confirm page? That should tell you the route it went. I have had several items say delivered and they were not. Call USPs again and ask them to give you more details. I once had a package that was misrouted and went back and forth across the U.S. twice before getting to it's rightful place.... a month later!
  11. I don't really have any advice (sorry), but I just wanted to send some hugs you way! I hope this gets resolved, think good thoughts and I am sure everything will work out.
  12. Is your work address a confirmed address? If not and the seller sent it there you wont be protected. (cant remember the rules about this off the top of my head) You may just have to do a chargeback on your credit card. I dont think paypal will help at all if the address isnt confirmed.

    Stupid seller not doing insurance. Who send a pricey bag out and doesnt insure it? I insure EVERY package whether the buyer pays for insurance or not.

    Good luck, I'm sure it will work out for you.
  13. I don't have any advice either but I feel awful for you. Hopefully, your package will turn up soon.....(((HUGS)))
  14. i always hate hearing a story like this!! USPS makes me SICK!! nyc usps is the worse at their job, the whole system is so messed up. they claim pacakges to be delivered but sometimes it is not. this is coming from a usps site manager from my local usps. "usps system is set up to indicate that the package is delivered when in actuality, it might be a day after that it will be delivered"...CONFUSING??? yes, that's what i thought when i heard this.

    what i would do and have done in the past.... call the local usps, ask for a manager and let them know what happened (which u might have done). i would ask him for the person who delivered it (if you do not already know) and demand an explanation from him. ask him who he delivered it to because you didn't get the package. file a complaint with the manager if the package doesn't show up tomorrow. I wouldn't wait too long on it because if you want your bag or something done- do it fast and make sure you cover everything you need to do to ensure some responsibility is take on usps' part.

    my apologies if anyone knows someone who works at usps BUT i've had so much trouble with them that I do not use them for anything. when packages are sent to me, the carrier never delivers it and leaves a pink slip. i tell them how will i get my package if no one comes up to my apt (which btw they should be doing). i've called their main site to log a complaint, next time i called my local site...the manager told me to just call him directly when i do not get a package. i have no problems now but given a choice, I rather use DHL, UPS, or Fedex.

    I hope your package shows up soon!! its important to file a complaint (in writing and all) because paypal might need this info if you should file a claim (in worse case scenario). I have my fingers crossed for you!!
  15. Confirmed addresses only impact whether the SELLER is covered or elligible. If the seller isn't covered, the an item with a PBP logo on its auction is still covered for the buyer... but the seller will be responsible for reimbursing paypal, and paypal will remove funds or suspend the account if necessary. This is why most sellers, including me, required a confirmed address.