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  1. I won a purse on eBay earlier this week. This morning I decided to check the tracking number and was shocked to see that the tracking info showed that it was delivered yesterday morning. I was out for about an hour and a half yesterday morning and when I returned our regular mail was in the mailbox and a Fedex package was on the porch but nothing else. I checked with all of my neighbors and they didn't have the package. I then checked with our mailman who told me he was off yesterday so I called the local office and they had the mailman who delivered yesterday call me back. He said he remembered delivering it then he said that it's possible he could have left it a couple of houses down with their packages. That neighbor says no. The post office told me that any claim would have to be filed by the shipper. I contacted the seller and told them what the situation was and asked if they could help/advise. The answer I just got back was "Unfortunately there is nothing I can do. The tracking info says it was delivered. You might want to check with your mailman or post office to see if they can help you." Do any of you have any suggestions on what I can do? Obviously, the seller isn't at fault so I don't blame them but according to my local post office, I can't file any kind of claim. It's not an expensive purse but I'm upset not only about the loss of money but that it was going to be a present for a friend. I would appreciate any help. Thanks!
  2. that is correct. the seller purchased the dc/insurance so they would file. since it shows as delivered there isn't much they can do. i would camp out at the po until i got a satisfactory answer. might have left it a few houses down indeed :nono:
  3. yes, I would be ringing every doorbell down the street to see if your package was
    delivered to the wrong address... also, the mailman should be paying attention to
    where he delivered your package... you need to speak to him directly or your need
    your regular mailman to speak to him... good luck
  4. agreed -- make sure to ask for a supervisor at the post office and camp out until they help. "It's possible left it a couple of houses down" is not an appropriate response from someone who's job it is to get you your mail.
  5. I do hope the package shows up.

    Sadly, unless there was insurance on the package, the post office won't accept responsibility for their own negligence. (Been there, done that.)
  6. USPS sucks seriously, I was waiting for a package to be delivered to me the other day when I checked it that morning its stated I refused the package at 5:30am. Really?
    I hope it shows up OP.
  7. the exact same thing happened to me except it was a pair of shoes and I was getting the package from USA !

    My local post office coudn't do anything, it was the sender's responsability to file a claim !
    So I contacted my ebay seller (she's a pro) and explained everything to her. She finally agreed to file a claim with USPS.

    A week or two after that I received a letter from French post to ask if I did or did not get the package. I certified I didn't got it and send it back quickly.

    Now I have to wait : thing is, it seems the seller didn't assured the package for the full amount although I didn't ask her to.
    Now I guess she will get her money back from the insurance but I will have to file a claim with paypal before it's too late.
    I hope I will get my money back:shrugs:

    When I told her I was going to open a claim she went nuts and said I couldn't do that, it was not fair and it would hurt her family. WTF ??
  8. ^If the package showed up as delivered, you would have lost the claim anyway. I had this happen to me a couple times, where the tracking said the items had been delivered and they were nowhere to be seen. The first time this happened, the packages mysteriously showed up on my doorstep a week later (after an angry phone call to my post office). The second time, what likely happened was that the mail lady put the parcel locker key in the wrong mailbox, because the key was already in the parcel locker but, luckily, whoever had the key had left my package in there, so I was just able to grab it.
  9. It looks like I'm just out of luck. I mailed the seller back again and explained that I had talked to my post office and they would be the one to file a claim. The seller told me that they didn't know what good filing a claim would do since they didn't insure the package. So I guess I'm out my money. I don't know how to leave feedback since I didn't get the purse. I know that was no fault of the seller's but I do believe had they insured the item, then I would be able to at least get my money back. At least it wasn't super expensive.
  10. OP how much was this purse worth if you don't mind me asking?
  11. I only paid $54 for it so not super expensive. Of course, now I have to hunt for an awesome deal if I still want to get my friend a purse for her birthday because in the end whatever I get her will cost me whatever + $54.
  12. it is possible the reciprient will take it back to the PO or drop it off at your house. Don't give up yet.
  13. oh no... keep us posted..
  14. That sucks. I'm sorry OP.
  15. sorry about the fact the that po just simply says it was delivered.. but to who??

    very careless at your expense..would keep checking back and again ring

    the bell of your neighbors...