USPS hasnt updated in 10 days...!?

  1. Bought a pair of MJ sunglasses on the 7th or something, seller sent on the 9th, they were shipped overseas on the 11th, and nothing since...
    I rang parcelforce and royal mail, but they say it's not arrived in the country as neither one has any acknowledgement it arrived :sad:
    I spoke to the seller and she is gonna go to her PO tomorrow, but do you think they're lost? :crybaby:
  2. I wouldn't worry just yet, sometimes things do get delayed in the mail. What mail service did she use, i.e. aimail, express?
    If she can give you the customs number you can track it from the UK post office website.
  3. Oh I have the customs number somewhere

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]The label # on my receipt is: LW139658621US. The customs form # is: LC214220951US.

    I just tried both of those numbers on and they have no acknowledgement of it :sad:
  4. Same thing is happening to my husband. He bought a pair of sunglasses from e-bay, but the tracking number won't work!? They were sent more than five days ago now.:confused1:
  5. i believe USPS stopped tracking once it leave the states. that's what happen to me when someone shipped from states.
  6. I found that USPS tracking grinds to a halt once it leaves the country.

    Normally, you can check it via ~ and although it may tell you there is no trace on your item, keep on trying it. I think it is a problem with the parcelforce site. Because, it NEVER works first time. And, I have tracked heaps of stuff recently.

    I have just tried the number and it isn't working.

    If you go to the USPS website, you can get an email of activity, either up to date or future.

    I normally initially, ask for the activity to date, and then once the email has been received, I go back and change it to future activity, and it will email you with every single step the package takes.

  7. Thanks :smile:
  8. Were they sent USPS priority or express? When I ship INT I always ship Global Express and it will allow me to see when the item hits customs and then when it goes to the local PO. But it sounds like maybe they didn't ship that way......They are probably just hung up in customs or something. Hopefully they will arrive soon :smile:
  9. You can e-mail USPS, that's what I've done one time and I've had a response in a day. Or you can try to use and put the tracking no. in there, that should work as soon as the parcel is in the U.K.
  10. You can't "track" a package out of the country unless it has been shipped from the US via express mail. The customs number will show you that it has left the country (as yours does), but after that it will not be updated and it will not show a delivery status.

    According to the USPS, the ONLY way to track an international package is via express mail.

    Your buyer should be able to contact local customs i'd imagine, they will have a record of the package entering the country based on the customs number.
  11. Right, she rang her PO and said that it's not trackable but that it's the first time it's happened, and that if I don't receive the glasses she'll try and file a compensation claim with them, I'm gonna leave it another week or so though, but when the month comes around from paying her through paypal, do you think I should file a claim? I really hope it doesnt' come to that, because she's really sweet, but I wanna make sure I'm covered
  12. Well you only 45 days to make a claim with paypal, so you'll want to do it before that time is up. When I had an international shipment go missing the post office told me I had to wait 30 days and then they would begin looking in to it, since shipping times overseas can be unpredictable.
  13. Woohoo, finally they arrived this morning, not sure if they suit me though lol, we'll see. Thanks for you help guys :smile:
  14. Glad your package arrived.