USPS getting slower...?

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  1. I've never had this issue before (unsure if this is related to this subforum or not).

    Last month I had something delivered to me (not designer-related; just a small, cheap gift) from LA to SD county (i.e., Southern California). Years ago I remember it only taking 1 day for a priority package to arrive within the same, "local" area (or heck, even within the same state!). Yet, this time it took 3 days for it to deliver to me (!). I even had a confirmation number that confirmed when the item was shipped (which shows all of the USPS history), so the retailer wasn't lying to me; I really doubted it as it was a package from a well-established store. BTW, the box was clearly a USPS Priority mailbox, so it definitely wasn't first class mail.

    I'm having another issue with another package that was sent this past Thursday; I still haven't received it and I'll most likely get it on Monday (also another small, cheap item...nothing high $$$). :sad: Has anyone had these issues with USPS lately? I used to prefer them over UPS because it was cheaper and things got delivered within their standard time it just seems to lag and packages "make" it by the very last day of their standard delivery time. *sigh*....

    I guess this is more of a rant, if anything...
  2. Was it during a holiday or shortly after one? I know that Holidays can back up the POs quite a bit even for a couple weeks afterward. This past monday was a holiday and the mail has been slow here too. :shrugs:
  3. Yes. I've noticed that Priority is taking 4-5 days instead of the 2-3 promised.
  4. I agree. I have seen that lately as well. Still - the price to send a purse Priority is not cheap!
  5. It's going to get worse when USPS stops Saturday service. It's expected Saturday service will stop in early 2011.

    And another price increase is coming. :sad:
  6. the US postal system is suffering horribly during this economy. I know that there have been many lay offs and cut backs. For example, they took out all the machines (stamp vending machines, etc) in my local PO due to the cost of maintenance. Now people have to wait, sometimes in a really long line, just to buy one stamp.

    It's unfortunate.

  7. Good news is that the post office was denied an increase in postage due to the fact that the rate request exceeded the rate of inflation.
  8. I mailed a first class parcel last Thurs and the recipient didn't get it until this Friday. Only 3 states over...
  9. Not for me. Still two to four days for Priority.
  10. Ive noticed mail has been alot slower....
  11. Nov & Dec are going to be fun for everyone! :shocked:
  12. They applied again for an increase - after being denied according to our shipping department.

    I know that our company is looking to get a business deal from Fed Express and stop using USPS for all business packages across the board. Priority mail has been taking more than 3 days, regularly for about 6 months now.
  13. priority isnt 2-3 days, its 7-10 business days up to 90days . Express is 2-3 business days up to 5 days
  14. 90? :faint:
  15. yea up to 90 days. its in the fine print. My husband works for USPS, so I asked him.