USPS Filing Claim For Missing Package?

  1. Hi all,

    I sent something out via priority with DC and insurance. package HAD to be signed for because of insurance. It was sent to an apartment complex.
    Buyer claims she never received it and that she went to the front office and it's not there.

    I sent it to the paypal confirmed address.

    USPS will not tell me on the phone who signed for it....I have to drive down and file a claim...UGH! So annoying!
    I hate apartment complexes....anyone can walk in and could've grabbed the package, seeing that it is insured and thinking it is worth something.
    Fortunately this was my cheapest was only a $100 item!

    BUT...the person I sent it to has 2 negs (not recent) and has no problem handing out hopefully she can sit tight and not neg me for this! I hate eBay! Pins and nervous until crap actually arrives!
  2. Oh yea...there was a question there....LOL

    Any of you who have had to file a claim...what happened, how long did it take?
    Will they contact the building manager and try to locate it? IMHO they should not let building managers sign for stuff! It should have to be signed by the someone in the actual residence!
  3. Twiggers, LMK what happens. I just had a package go missing, and have to file a claim. This really blows. I think I might start using UPS. Someone as USPS told me it takes up to 6 months to get a refund!
  4. I will Selena!!!! I wonder what Paypal will do if she files a claim? I'm just worried because it is an apartment....but I think it's still the PO's fault for leaving it with a manager (I HATED when they did that when I lived in apartments....anyone could come in and grab a package)!

    I've also been sellng for 6+ years and never ever had a package go missing before. Slow and late, but never missing. And I've sent stuff all over the world. Hence, I am a little skeptical about my situation....I'm thinking someone took it that wasn't supposed to!
  5. Well just found out that because it says delivered this is now considered mail fraud/mail tampering. The buyer has to call the PO herself and state she never received it and then they'll start an investigation.
    Have to wait 21 days to file the insurance claim.
    Meanwhile even if she does a paypal complaint I'm fully backed up. It was under $250 and I shipped with delivery confirmation and insurance.
  6. Wow thats awful! You were smart to send it insured though... that should back you up even thought it will take a while. Its really no ones fault but the post office you know?
  7. Ugh that's annoying. I filed a claim awhile back for a pair of shorts I bought on eBay..I got the envelope they came in but it was obvious that the envelope was opened and there was nothing in it.
    I never heard another word about it, just got that 'we will investigate' letter that you always get when you file.
  8. ^^that sucks Rebecca! This one is only for $85 but I'll be following up! Fortunately my butt is completely covered on way she could win a claim because it says 'delivered'!
  9. I had a few boxes I shipped with USPS went missing too. The customer service rep is not helpful at all. They basically just tell you what's on the USPS website, and 'refuse' to tell you any detail about the shipment. Good luck on filing the claim, it's a LONG process!!!:smile: