USPS Fail to Deliver

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  1. I always thought that all shipping company should deliver on time as basically they are fighting against time and deliver on time supposed to be their soul.

    Fedex slogan: We live to deliver (is in fact the best shipping company I have dealt with.) Although sometimes it fails me by delivering late but it wasn't that severe. It was late for that hour. But I shipped via Fedex International Priority from US - SG takes 3days and I choose the more expensive 3days method which will arrive me before 12pm. (There are 2 options of 3days shipping, 1st: before 12pm, 2nd: before 6pm of the day).

    Since I paid the most expensive category, I expect the best service delivery. But Fedex failed for that hour. So I called and made a complaint and Fedex uphold their policy by refunding me partially of my shipping fee as they do have a money back guarantee policy.

    My next purchase was using USPS Express Mail International (2nd tier of USPS International shippinG) which took 4days to reach me in SG from US. I was satisfied.

    Thereafter this week, I used USPS Global Express Guaranteed (1st tier of USPS International shipping) which was utterly bull****. Today is the 4th day and I still have not received my item. The tracking shows that today it only starts to depart from origin. OMG! What a stupid shipping company, their tracking is basically useless (I don't understand why must a parcel be stuck in a state faculty for so long)
  2. ^^ where was it shipping from? There could be weather delays as many parts of the US have been receiving lots of snow..
  3. hi dinitegrity, did your seller ship on the weekend? the 3 day policy excludes weekends. And 15 Feb (Mon) was a holiday in US. In any case, it should reach SG by Saturday. You can also request for your postage to be refunded if it really is late (Link: page 10)

    I dislike paying an arm and leg for shipping... So I always ask my contact to stuff it into the flat rate Global Priority boxes. My experiences this year was that a large GP box took 8 days to reach (15 Jan to 27 Jan) and a small package sent by first class mail took only 7 days to reach (2 Feb to 9 Feb)
  4. Hi finzup, it was from US.

    Hi chewygranolabar, yes the seller shipped on Saturday. Yeah, I just found out it was PH on US Monday. I just check my tracking, it arrive in Singapore, I supposed it will reach me tomorrow when the day is up... :smile: