USPS EMS tracking slow right now?

  1. Just wondering whether anybody else has that "problem"?

    I'm currently waiting for a lovely bag from a very lovely seller that was shipped via Global Express Mail. It was sent on April 28th, but since then the status of the online tracking is stuck at "Acceptance"?!

    Anybody else experiencing this at the moment?

    Lol, I'm kinda obsessing right now as I've just seen pics of the bag again and want it to be here as soon as possible, so always staring at the same page is agony ... :shame:
  2. yes, that was a while ago when I bought some great flats from US eBay. actually, all the way i saw acceptance, then after some cleared customs and even delivered, while it was safely sitting in customs..... so sometimes USPS tracking is a bit off.

    did you try calling DHL here? it depends on the tracking number, I think LY packages cant be tracked but the other ones can. they can tell you whether it has reached Germany or not (you have to call the International shipping contact number).

    good luck! - and what bag is it?
  3. Thanks for your answer! :flowers:

    All's well now :yahoo: My bag arrived this morning and it's stunning a fuchsia LV bedford :love: