USPS EMS shipping/tracking to Australia, HELP~!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I brought a bag from a very sweet seller in US. It was left from US on 12 July via EMS, its been almost 6 days and has passed the guarantee time (yesterday), its still hasn't arrived in Australia yet......... This is freaking me out, it has never happened before!!!! The seller and I were very worried, and called the EMS center in US and Aus. She has logged an investigation.Is there anything we can do besides waiting.....??? Is this normal??Anyone has the similar experience?

    The seller was very nice, she marked it as a gift and insured for $700, so its highly unlikely to be held by customs......

    Heres what I got from USPS and also Australia Post website:

    Label/Receipt Number:
    Detailed Results:
    International Dispatch, July 12, 2007, 9:39 pm, Chicago (O'Hare) AMC
    Your item left the United States from Chicago (O'Hare) AMC at 9:39 PM on July 12, 2007. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.
  2. It seems it didn't arrive in Australia yet. Should it arrive in 6 business days or 6 days?
  3. Yea...i was told by Aus EMS center that the parcel hasn't arrived. It was sent via Express Mail International, the guarantee delivery date was 16 July (US time).:sad:
  4. Did the seller send it EMS guaranteed, or just regular EMS? There is a difference, but you can also calculate the guaranteed date on the regular EMS too. EMS guaranteed takes 1-3 business days and regular EMS is 3-5. I've only shipped to Australia via Priority mail international, but learned from USPS that priority mail to Australia actually travels with the express mail after I was surprised how fast my shipments were getting there. When did your item get shipped?(I know it left the U.S. last Thursday, so it sounds like your seller shipped it on Tuesday) Unfortunately there really isn't anything else you can do. If you call the USPS toll free number they will tell you the same information that is on their website. It sounds like it was shipped regular EMS, in which case it is really isn't late until tomorrow. The EMS guaranteed is almost double the price of regular EMS, but I don't know how much you paid for shipping. Hopefully you get your package soon!
  5. If guaranteed on the 16th, than indeed all you can do is wait till they figured out where it is. I'm sorry :sad:
  6. skigirl73: yea...its the regular EMS. she sent it on 11 July, and it left US on 12. I didn't ask for the EMS guarantee, cos the seller was kind enough to absorb all of the fees (shipping and paypal fees) associated with this transaction.
  7. It seems like it is taking a little longer than it should. The package should at least be in Australia by now. Anything I've shipped there has taken about 5 days(not counting Sunday if there it was traveling over a weekend), and I ship priority which is supposed to be slower. I would hang in there for a couple more days before you get worried. USPS's tracking system isn't always that great, and maybe it is in customs and the system just hasn't updated yet. I'm sure it will all work out ok for you! :smile:
  8. It is...:crybaby:, I have no idea where the package is now. I also checked Australia post website, and got the same info:
    Your item was processed for despatch from UNITED STATES - USORDA at 21:39 on 12 Jul 2007.

    Normally, if its in australia, it would show something like
    Arrived abroad
    Into Foreign Customs
  9. How strange that the last tracked place was in the US. Does that mean it never left?
  10. I've seen a couple other posts on other threads where packages are still in the U.S. Some of the posts I have seen said that they wait until they have more packages to save money. USPS will deny that they do that, but it has happened. Pretty sh#$$y, especially if you are paying extra for EMS...
  11. Oh no...I've never thought of that:push:.....
  12. I forget which thread it was on, but someone on here had a shipping issue and I guess USPS insisted that the package had left the U.S. when it was really still sitting on some tarmac somewhere. Apparently the person was lied to and didn't find this out until they demanded to speak to someone higher up at USPS and was told that they will sometimes wait until there is a fuller load to to go overseas. (it obviously saves them money) I'd give it a couple more days though to see if the status changes to show your package going into customs. I know it's frustrating, but I wouldn't worry too much just yet(or try not to at least) :smile:
  13. Gezzz....thats terrible!!Im goin to suggest the seller to file a compliant and get the postage back!!

    I had another package shipped from US one day later via regular EMS, and I received it this Monday. Thats why I'm so worried. I have NEVER heard of USPS EXPRESS Mail getting lost in transit....I really hope this won't be the case.......:push:
  14. I hope not too! I've shipped quite a bit to Australia and not had any problems. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised at how fast my buyers received their packages. I made a comment about it one day to the agent at USPS and she told me that priority mail travels with the express mail to Australia, so it's a great deal because you pay less and get the same service. So, I am kind of surprised that you didn't get your package yet. Hang in there though, it will all work out!:smile:
  15. I hope so *keep my fingers crossed*!!! Thank you~:heart:!!!