USPS "delivery status not updated"

  1. I sold a $100 bag on eBay last week and mailed it using USPS delivery confirmation.. I didn't use insurance or signature confirmation as I'd never had any problems with delivery yet. On June 1st the DC shows "out for delivery" and later that day the status was updated to "delivery status not updated".

    I've never seen this before and am very concerned about the status. Is the package lost? Or the carrier just didn't scan the DC barcode? Right now I'm waiting for the buyer's response. If the item was delivered but not scanned, will eBay hold my funds forever?
  2. Did you check on USPS or on the eBay transaction? USPS is a better site to use. I would not worry yet.
  3. Thanks for your reply.. It's shown on USPS website.

    Anyone had the same problem before?
  4. Call the customer service number and tell them you want to file an inquiry. sometimes the operator tries to talk you out of it (they don't like to do all that work). DO NOT GIVE IN. Say you still want to file an inquiry.
    Most often if you do this in a timely manner, the status will get updated. If you wait too long, it might never happen.
    GOOD LUCK :smile:
  5. I can't tell you how many times services I have paid for weren't performed. I have taken to insuring things at a lower monetary threshold than before. At least if it is insured they will put forth a modicum of effort into searching for it.
  6. I have had this happen three time to me this year. In two cases, the packages did arrive and I received feedback for those items. It seems the mailman did not scan the package but it was delivered.

    A buyer can win a INR claim with a delivery status not updated. Its scary to think that if a mailman forgets to scan a package that the seller can be on the hook for that. With the third package, the buyer claimed that it did not arrive. They emailed me but I was very suspicious of the buyer because of what they said and how they worded the message. I told them I was going to open an investigation, have someone call them and I requested their phone number. I never heard from them again.

    Because of this, I always insure packages over $50.00. Call the PO and ask about it as mentioned above. They may tell you to wait another day but insist on opening a case. Its possible that your buyer has the package and everything is absolutely fine. Most people track their packages so I would think the buyer may have already contacted you if there was a problem.
  7. I've had this happen several times -- packages not scanned upon delivery, twice I had packages with signature confirmation that were just left in the mailbox/on doorstep with no signature -- USPS is very lax these days....
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    Don't worry I had the same thing happened last Saturday (May 26). It was out for delivery in the truck but the postman did not deliver it for some reason (forgot? wrong mail basket?Time's up for home? etc), it was delivered on Tuesday (May 29).
  9. I had this happen once. In my case the item was delivered, and the buyer let me know she had received it. It never updated.
    If I have any USPS issues I usually just fill out the email form on their website. They will get back to you in @ 2 days with info you need or a resolution.
  10. Thanks for all your comments! Great to know that I'm not the only one to get this weird message... I guess I'll call them on Monday and see what happens. I have to say that I've had mostly positive experience with USPS. But it's really annoying when problems did arise. Probably I should insure all packages above $50 in the future!
  11. I started having this message show up for multiple items I shipped- almost all with signature confirmation and insurance. Fortunately the buyers received everything but I had no proof on my end that they actually did. I filed an inquiry online and received some BS canned answer.

    My solution was not to use USPS anymore for anything of value. I just couldn't justify the risk since it seemed to become more and more common.
  12. This has happened 3 times in the last year to me! This is why I've recently started to insure anything over $40 in value. Better safe than sorry :smile:

    I would just like to note that my postal deliverers are always very good to scan everything and request my signature for anything that's needed. I can't say the same of UPS or Fedex.
  13. update: Indeed, I was told by USPS today that the package is probably delivered without being scanned (and they couldn't help much). Luckily for me, that turns out to be the case. The buyer left positive feedback just now so things should be fine (god bless her).

    Lesson learned. Next time i would definitely add insurance. Thanks for all your suggestions:smile:
  14. Do you highlight the area above the barcode?
  15. So very happy it all worked out well for you, OP!