usps delivery status not updated

  1. So I normally ship via USPS, just as it's well priced and they have a USPS counter where I work, but this week/last week I had two incidences within the US where the tracking got stuck at "Delivery status not updated" after the item was "out for delivery"

    Luckily the people I sent to were honest and told me the items were delivered, but I wondered if anyone else had this happen to them recently and if there's a problem with the system?

    It seems like I can't use USPS if this is going to keep happening as some one might take advantage of the situation and say they didn't get their item:tdown:
  2. It's very a relatively common occurance for USPS tracking to not get updated consistently. I wouldn't worry, as long as you have a tracking number (and insurance), someone at USPS will be able to figure out what's going on if someone claims their bag was not delivered.
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    ^^ Yep..happened to me last week. I checked on the delivery and it still showed that it was checked into my post office and nothing else...I emailed the buyer and she got my item the day kind of weird. I didn't go in and check to see it everything was corrected to show it was actually delivered after that..(I'll have to go find my slip and see...)
    USPS is mostly pretty good with entering the info but it can be hit or miss too.
    The number for delivery confirmation is not really a true tracking number but can be helpful in tracking if the info is entered. I don't count on it as being 100%.
  4. To add: I had this problem a few months ago.. I sent something to a buyer on eBay and got tracking (no insurance as the item cost less than $30). Tracking wasn't updated for about 2 weeks and I started to worry as the buyer hadn't received the item either (thank goodness they were a super sweet buyer with extreme patience). I called USPS and they tried to help me out. A few days later, they let me know that the buyer had a new mail carrier just learning the route and things were getting majorly delayed. The item got there a few days later (tracking info STILL was not updated).

    Just make sure you get tracking and insurance. Things can get lost no matter what mail carrier you use (USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, etc.)
  5. I just find it odd that it's "out for delivery" and then it disappears off the rador. I never saw this message "delivery status not updated" before and I have sold things off and on for 5 years.

    For the first one, I requested a copy of signature last week, but it has yet to show up, so it makes me very worried that USPS are either delivering without signature or it's not in the system?, either way it would be very bad for a seller if the person decided to take advantage and say they didn't get the item.

    I just wanted to see if anyone else had this happen lately?
  6. I'm sure you have noticed that USPS has updated their online tracking system in the past few months. When working correctly, it gets updated a lot more frequently than in the past. You're bound to see a few statuses you've never seen before. If you're really concerned about it I would just call USPS and see what they say it means.

    I would also bet that your signature is on the way. If you just requested it last week then that is not that long ago. I know it is hard, but just be patient. :flowers:
  7. happens to me alot its a major pain. i wish they would fix the system

  8. ^agree
  9. It's because they don't scan their packages like they should. But in not scanning, we basically lose the benefit of tracking. But they've never lost an item yet. I've had them scan it when it arrives...which totally defeats the purpose of tracking.
  10. I think this is common with Usps.
  11. I will say this... I had a bag in DEC that I was returning for a refund, and tracking came to a screeching halt (which IS normal *sigh*). I emailed the tracking CS at USPS.COM and within hours my local PO actually CALLED me to see if they could assist. No lie. I explained. And within hours, the tracking updated as delivered with online copy of sig.
    I have no clue what these guys did, BUT, contacting USPS.COM tracking has worked for me thus far. And maybe I have just been lucky... but..??
  12. Hi Ellie Mae:smile:
    I guess it's a bit like russian roulette when you ship and IMO it shouldn't be that way. It's great they found it for you, kind of puts my mind at rest a little, but still at their mercy.

    In the past I've had stuff delivered and the tracking not update as "delivered" for over a week, but I never had it email an update to me "delivery status not updated"
    As someone else said here, the usps tracking has changed a bit recently and I wonder if this is a new message too (if it is I don't like it:p)?
  13. Unfortunately USPS' tracking is useless. My fiance bought a camera from a guy in Canada 2 weeks ago. It just arrived yesterday but for the past 9 days the USPS website (and the one for Canada also) just said it was ready to leave Canada.

    I honestly don't know why they bother making a tracking system available. They may as well just take it down. You can't count on it anyway.
  14. Hi Aim... :hugs:

    And I do not know.. but IMO, when they lose track, ya gotta go try to find it!;)
  15. HA! TRUE, BUT, eBay & PP disputes/claims are decided upon this tracking info 365, 24/7. SCARY