USPS delivered to the wrong house!*rant*

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  1. :cursing:

    Yesterday I posted about expedited shipping from canada to the u.s. Well, it turns out that my package was delivered...NOT! I actually have a delivery confirmation number and it said that my package was delivered at 4:05 p.m....which means that one of my neighbors has my package or it's stolen. Now I'm pissed at USPS! This has never happened to me, and I don't know how they could've given it to the wrong house. The seller said that the package was to have a signature confirmation...wouldn't the mail man have looked at the package he was delivering it to?! I know I should think that it's an honest error, but all I can think about is how stupid and idiotic this person is.

    Inside was a Louis Vuitton wallet I was supposed to give to someone...crap. Thanks for hearing me out.
  2. Perhaps you could phone the post office that delivered the package directly and explain to them what happened?
    otherwise, you could call the sender and notify them of the error, see if they could give you the tracking number and you could go from there.
    if someone stole your package, the postal inspector could get involved.
  3. ^I'm going to wait it off for a day, and if nothing turns up, I'll directly notify the post office. In the meantime, I'll have to go to my neighbors' houses and see if they received anything. I've already contacted my seller. And I'll go over to my post office because it's difficult to actually call someone through their 800 number...grr....

    This is ridiculous. I think the woman who normally delivers was unavailable, so there was another guy doing her route (and it took forever!); how could anyone make such a stupid mistake? I wouldn't have been so angry if there wasn't a signature confirmation on the package!!!
  4. It may have been scanned when he put it on the truck and it is still on the truck. You may get it today.
    Did it have insurance over $50? If so, a signature would be required and if you get the insurance number from the seller, USPS can look up who signed for it.
  5. ^There's insurance, I'm sure. It's just a pain in the butt to get this fixed. And what scares me is that the item says it was delivered around the same time my mail got delivered yesterday!
  6. expedited mail is express mail correct? That has to be signed for by the addressee... they can't just scan it and leave it. If the post office left it with someone other then you I think they are responsible for replacing it, insurance or not. The signature is required for a reason!
  7. I once checked a tracking number and it said it had been delivered. I had not yet signed for it. The mail lady brought it the next day.
  8. This happened to me too just recently, my regualr mailman was on vacation and this newbie was replaced to send our mail, and I just won a 2 pairs of kids shoes, paid $100 (they're new and worth $250 + up), and for almost 2 weeks I haven't seen the package (the seller is also on East Coast and the package was sent Priority) I know something is wrong and askd for confirmation # ( I didn't have insurance) and it says "delivered"... I freaked out !! this has NEVER happened to me before, and I've been on buying on ebay almost EVERYDAY ! then 2 days later in the early morning DH found a package that was ripped opened sitting on my doorstep, and it was my package...I know it has to be one of my neighbor.:yucky: ..and they probably decided to give it back to me, because what are they going to do with 2 pair of KIDS shoes ? :shrugs:
  9. I dunno, I'm just gonna let it go. It's out of my control, even though it ticks me off; of course, there's always the option of filing a claim....

    Thanks for the advice, everyone!
  10. If you have the tracking number, you should be able to view the signature online at the USPS website.
  11. I went through the same thing. The tracking number said it was delievered to my house at a time when i was home. Went through a month of calling PO staff, postmaster etc. and nothing. Now i always make sure it has either insurance or SC. My 90.00 is gone and someone out there is enjoying my package!
  12. Update: After a couple days, someone was nice enough to send my package to the post office (writing "wrong address" at the top). Item was successfully delivered, but no thanks to the idiot who did the mail.

    In the future I'll try to use my work address. At least packages never get lost through there...ugh.
  13. I am so glad that this worked out for you!! CONGRATS!!
  14. SO glad it finally worked out for u:heart:
    ,,,,Somehow this isnt a lucky Time for USPS deliverys..
    Im waiting for a package from Florida and the Tracking says it has left the US three days ago.. but now update...
    this freaks me out big time as its my first oversea shipping ..:crybaby:
    I hope there'll be SOME news soon...
  15. ^Thanks, ladies!

    Oulaliscious - it can take quite a while for overseas shipping; don't worry yet! It's only been 3 days; it might take up to a week or two...

    Express shipping is usually much faster (3 days-1 week overseas). Our priority mail shipping service here can lag, even within the states (I've had packages come to me in 2 days or as long as 5 days). I miss the old days where priority shipping only took 2-3 days.