USPS/Customs Form and Australia/Ebay Item?

  1. Ok so I have recently sold an LV Vernis Cles to a person in Australia.

    I sent it via USPS but forgot to insure it. I did have to fill out a customs form and on there I just put "wallet". I shipped it on the 31st of July. It's now the 12th of August. I am afraid that it might have gotten lost? Or they are holding it because of fakes and crap! How would I find that out?

    How long does it usually take to get an item from USA to Aus?! And would the website with the tracking info update once it had reached customs or only once it's delivered?

    Anyone have any clues? I'm just so scared that it's lost and that's $200+! I am sooooo stupid that I didn't insure it I was just in such a hurry that day!
  2. I wouldn't worry yet. Since the post office eliminated surface mail, international air mail has been overwhelmed, and lots of packages are taking longer to arrive.
  3. You have nothing to worry about yet. First, how did you send it? Express mail includes $100 worth of insurance. If you sent it air mail they tell you to expect 10 business days for delivery.

    Try this..put the customs number..both numbers and letters into the track and confirm. Sometimes that works to track a package.
  4. If it's via Global Express it should be trackable and should reach the buyer within 5 working days.Priority is not trackable and should take 7-10 working days. The longest I've to wait for my parcel is 2 weeks. I don't think the custom's holding it as it's not over 1K and they would have send a letter to the receiver about it if it has been held. Hopefully it's on it's way.

  5. Thanks for telling me this. I just sent it regular parcel I believe.

    I know how to track them and I have put the customs ID in there but it just says it was accepted at my post office.
  6. Good Morning, Iheartcoach! That is good means it is trackable by Customs Number. Is the buyer bugging you? If so, you can tell them that the package is still within the time frame for delivery. You can also supply the customs number---It shows you mailed it and their customs office can find the package by use of this number. Chances are excellent it is still in processing.
  7. Yeah I agree, it's probably still in transit. It does take awhile. :yes:
  8. Not not bugging at all I am just worred. I sent them the customs number too.

    I just get worried easily.

  9. USPS says it can take up to 30 days to deliver a package internationally, they won't even begin to worry until that late! They can do a trace for you if you ask them, I've had it done, they even printed it up for me.
  10. I shipped to AUSTRALIA today too.I was told its the ONLY country they will NOT guarantee USPS express mail with in the 3-5 day delivery period.Sounds like Australia takes a LONG time to get their mail.So I wouldnt worry
    On the Other hand..I did ship a Chanel to Australia last month..was there within a week....Using EXPRESS USPS(NOT GLOBAL)
  11. So here is the update! IT's GONE!

    This is from the buyer:


    Yesterday, I just received the letter from my local post office and I went
    there this morning post office manager show me the parcel that has been put
    it in plastic bag. The parcel was damage and Louis Vuitton purse was lost.
    He said the parcel has been send as damage parcel since from US. So I'm
    really distressing when I saw the parcel has been ripping off and I'm
    waiting for it to arrive for nearly half month. I'm so disappointed with US
    staff International post office, because I think they has stolen the good
    from the parcel and as you wrote on customs declaration description "wallet"
    that might be a sign.. So just want you to know and what a shame that the
    parcel was not insure!!"

    What should I can I do? Ugh!

    Also, I have just sold another item and they are in singapore but since this has happended I don't want to go through with that sale and would rather ship in the USA. What can I do about that or say to them?

    Grr HELP!
  12. Hi, I have received MANY packages from US, UK, Germany and have never had a problem. Some arrived in the promised time others a little later. Ask for a photo of the parcel.
    Did the buyer pay for insurance? Did you offer and forget? Did you offer and they declined? This could may a difference to your next step.
    I have just bought a leather jacket from eBay from the US. I was offered two types of postage, normal and express with ins. Second was more expensive but I chose it.

    Good luck!
  13. i hope you got insurance b/c if they file a paypal dispute for item not received i think you'll lose. it is up to the sender to make sure the item gets to the buyer.

    also, never send to a UNCONFIRMED address b/c you'll automatically lose as a seller b/c you are not covered under paypal's policy.

    if a buyer has an unconfirmed or uncomfirmable address use googlecheckout or bidpay to accept funds
  14. Well, honestly, you forgot to insure it and it's not the buyer's fault (and if she paid for insurance, she has every right to be upset with you).

    As long as the buyer can PROVE what she is saying, via documentation from the Australian PO, I think you're probably out both the money and the wallet. The only thing I can think of to do in good conscience is to refund her. And never forget insurance again.
  15. Ask the buyer to take photos of the package & to take a picture of the letter and e-mail them to you. Once you are sure the buyer is being truthful, refund her. Unfortunately that's business. I just recently started requiring insurance on almost everything I sell over about $50.