and tracking 'status'

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  1. I posted an item for return here in the UK on 10 Feb. I used Royal Mail and their tracking for the package shows as this:

    Your item, posted on 10/02/10 with reference RJ338762455GB has been passed to the overseas postal service for delivery in UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

    I checked on and the tracking shows as this:

    Label/Receipt Number: RJ33 8762 455G B
    Service(s): Registered Mail™
    Status: Origin Post is Preparing Shipment

    We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece.

    Is this normal? Is it just me panicking or do they seem to sort of contradict each other? Like Royal Mail says it's in US and Usps says it's still in the UK? I don't really have much experience of Usps and their tracking updates etc so don't really know what to expect, am really worried that the package may have been lost :sad: - could anyone shed any light please?
  2. That usually means it will be in your state and delivered soon. Usually when I buy something and it says that I get the package within 5 days
  3. Oh phew, thanks!! Fingers crossed it will get there soon :smile:

    P.s. Love your J12 in your avi ilvoelv

  4. :yes: :yes: ^^^ITA!!
  5. I really hope someone can help.....I just got the following message from Paypal, re: the item above.

    Dear Anna XX,

    We have concluded our investigation into the following claim:

    XXXXPersonal Info RemovedXXXX

    The tracking information you provided was invalid, and we were unable to
    confirm delivery of the item associated with this claim. As a result, the
    case is now considered closed and we are unable to process a refund.

    We encourage you to work directly with the seller to find a resolution.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Yours sincerely,

    Protection Services Department

    What can I do? What if the seller just keeps the shoes and the money? Do you think I can get Paypal to re-open the case for another week or so just until delivery is made?
  6. According to, you are just fine - the package arrived today.

    Label/Receipt Number: RJ33 8762 455G B
    Service(s): Registered Mail™
    Status: Arrival at Unit

    Your item arrived at 9:08 AM on February 22, 2010 in ABINGDON, MD 21009. Information, if available, is updated periodically throughout the day. Please check again later.

    Detailed Results:

    Arrival at Unit, February 22, 2010, 9:08 am, ABINGDON, MD 21009
  7. Oh awesome, thank you so much for that!!! Paypal said I have 10 days to appeal the case closure so fingers crossed it is delivered soon! Thanks again Jenaywins
  8. You're welcome. I believe "unit" refers to the post office, so the package should be delivered today or tomorrow.