USPS can't find my package

  1. =/ My Red Epi Pochette

    They said that they'll call me if they find it. What do I do?
  2. from where the package came from?
  3. Oh my gosh... Do you have a tracking number for it ? I hope it was insured.
  4. Do you have a tracking number?

    I about freaked when I sold a bag here when the MP was still here.
    I sent a Gucci bag and was given my tracking # and it never worked!
    I about fainted!
    I was SO glad to hear from, the Buyer that she received it!
  5. This is the one thing I'm so afraid of when I shop online. Please tell me that they can at least give you something for it.

    I don't trust the USPS, only Fed-Ex and UPS. I never had any problems with them. USPS never updates the package status on their website.
  6. The tracking number said that a notice was left at my house but I never recieved a notice. Then when I went to pick it up, they can't find it. I don't know what happened cause it has to be signed for in order to pick it up. I won an auction on eBay from a trusted seller.
  7. which seller
  8. I'm not sure if she's trusted on here but her items are all authentic before she sold them all. Her username is chickie_pooh
  9. This is happening to me right now. Tracking # says the package "arrived at unit" at 3:29AM, which means that it arrived at the POST OFFICE near my house at 3:29AM. They don't know what happened to it, it has yet to be delivered. In all likeliness it is lost, it has been several weeks and was uninsured. :sad:

    I am NOT a fan of the PO. Come to think of it they haven't called me back about this! Argh!
  10. I'm not sure why we need to name the Seller{?}

    love,bags, you were SO sweet during our tPF transaction! I about died when I couldn't track that bag!!!!
  11. It's good to know that I'm not alone. I'm just thinking if I should wait or buy another one on eBay. authenticlvlady has one right now at a low price. except it's an older model where the strap connects to the zipper pull. which is what i tried to avoid
  12. HOLY CRAP!!
    Can I cry and ***** with you guys?!
    Effing post office hasn't delivered my package yet either.

    I have a delivery confirmation number but that's not the same as "tracking"
    The package left CA on THURSDAY and was shipped Priority Mail which should take 2-3 days.

    I called them and they told me that Priority Mail isn't guaranteed and it could take 5 days AND it's not even considered lost until TEN Days. 10 DAYS!! I'm developing an ulcer here!! :mad:

    I've NEVER had an issue with Priority Mail before.
    Figures when I do, it's the largest sum of money that I've ever spent on ebay. :cry:

    I feel for you guys.
    I hope ALL our bags arrive to their destinations ASAP!!
  13. Oh no!!! agghh, I hope you get it. I don't trust USPS, I always ship with UPS!
  14. same thing is happening to me at this moment I have it posted in General discussion, THe one that is really getting to me is myone pair of jeans that was sauppose to be here a week ago....and then out of no where it said "redircted to recievers new address"... I am freaking out!
  15. Sending item via USPS seems to be very risky at the moment!!!