using your points?

  1. can someone please enlighten me on how many (Saks or NM or Nordstrom) points one may need.. let's say for a Timeless Classic Clutch in Caviar?

    I'm not sure how the points 'system' works. I collect them but other than that, I have no clue what happens...

    any help is appreciated.
  2. I'm clueless about NM but for SaksFirst cardholders, just divide your total points by 100 and there is your equivalent cash (gift card) reward amount -- e.g. 10,000 points --> $100 gift card; 90,000 points --> $900 gift card.

    So a timeless clutch in caviar at $995 retail (pre-Nov. 1st price increase) would be equivalent to approx. 100,000 SaksFirst points.
  3. At Nordstrom's, you get a $20 gift certificate sent to you for every 2000 points you have accumulated.
  4. Also at Nordstrom's, the rewards gift certificates have an expiration (about 3 months after you earn them) so you'd have to earn a lot of rewards in a short period of time to be able to get a Chanel.
  5. it's pretty much 1 point for each retail dollar you spend @ NM, but they have several double point days during the year, and they don't expire so quickly like Nords.
    each 5,000 pts = $125 GC
  6. I wonder which gives the best return?
  7. I like NM because I get other little perks.
    LIke free dessert, shipping, gift wrap etc. . . for being InCircle
  8. Actually, the points never expire. I save mine for a year or so. I make use of the special 10x points events which are twice yearly. They have double point events frequently.
    There are a couple of different tiers of points and they use their own credit card or a Visa card. They will also give 2-3 points per dollar spent in Nordstrom and 1 point per dollar spent on the Visa at any other place. I believe you get $20/$1000 spent. Unlike NM in-circle program, the points NEVER expire despite the expiration date printed on the certificate. I just bought my GST and spent under $300 of my own money on it.
    You can "cash" the points on gift cards if you don't believe the points won't expire.
    I bought my first Chanel bag (medium black caviar flap with silver hardware) two years ago with my accumulated points. Yes, I spend gobs of money at Nordstrom and they make it worth my while with their excellent rewards program. Now, if they only sold my makeup, then I wouldn't even consider shopping at NM.... I haven't bought anything at Saks in years.

  9. Too late to edit the above post. It is 20 points/$2000 spent. I was wrong about that. Sorry.
  10. Hmm, good to know thanks! I was planning to just buy/return with my gift certificates if it came down to it.
  11. appreciate this thread - thanks for the info :smile:
  12. ^^ thanks everyone. I guess having a card from each store provides their own benefit - and it makes me feel so good to know that other tpfers have used their points to get a chanel! WOW! :woohoo:
  13. You can redeem anytime of year for NM. The starting redemption is 5,000 points for a $125 GC and it goes up from there. Call 1-888-INCIRCLE and you can find out what you can redeem for. And you're right, the little perks along the way really make a difference.
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