Using your new Mulberry bag for the very first time...

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  1. I was wondering how long it takes you to cut that tag of your bags and give them an airing for the first time. Also how careful are you are the first time you use your new bags and how long, if ever, does it take you to stop babying them?

    I bought my bag on Sunday and it took me until today to actually snip off that tag and take my bag for a walk (the school run). It is a Poppy satchel and it was fab. It was easy to carry, didn't get in the way when I was walking with my two boys and also carrying 2 bags of shopping and I loved the way the soft leather slunk against my body. I have a feeling the leather is going to get better with age. I don't know how long it will take me to stop babying it but it will be my day to day bag. I will be uming and ahing when it comes to taking it on hoiday though...I only take one bag and I am not sure I will be happy taking it on the beach:wondering

    How about you?
  2. I'm terrible- it could take weeks or months for a new bag to have an outing!!!!
  3. I took my lilac bays out for the first time yesterday. My 13 year old asked if she could carry it and I went 'NO!' :roflmfao:
  4. I tend to use a new bag straight away for a while, then I might switch over again to an older one but the new one - yep, straight away.
  5. If I get a bag and don't use it usually ends up on Ebay a few months down the line (strangely enough)
    I used to have such sentiment for my bags but lately I'm becoming quite harsh and like SJ, my collection has had a drastic overhaul.
  6. I usually use a new bag straight away too but I've just bought lipstick Mabel hobo and don't plan to use it until around September. That's because I'm planning it as a winter bag and if I use it now, I'll be wanting another new one by the autumn.
  7. What a lovely Hobo family!!
  8. I'm Mrs Impatient... I use mine as soon as I get them. In the case of my Antony I was so impatient that after buying him from Fenwicks I went straight to the pub, straight to the toilets, sprayed him (luckily Fenwicks give you a free can of Collonil when you buy a bag!), put my stuff in and went and had a drink while he dried off. So, he didn't even make it home before he was used for the first time!
    As for babying, I was SO ridiculous with my first, bordering on paranoid actually. But I relaxed over the months (I used her every day for about a year) as I realised that she was just getting better with use - but I like my bags to look 'loved'! Nowadays I spray and I'm away. I barely baby them at all - apart from stuffing them in a carrier if caught in the rain and storing them in their dustbags - and they seem to respond well to the tough love!
    Bex, won't you just miss Poppy too much if you leave her home alone?!
  9. i am always itching to use a new bag -just spray and go:biggrin:
    Bexi-I'm not sure if Mulberry and the beach are a great combination-sea,sand,suncream,sticky hands.....
  10. I know exactly what you mean by 'babying' a new bag. I got my first ever mulberry, the shimmy tote, about two weeks ago....:smile:I used it the first week, making sure that I did not catch the rain or any dirt! I have now put it in the dust bag and will outdoor it again next week.... It will take a while to stop babying it.
  11. Hi Miss Melda and welcome to the forum :biggrin: You bought a gorgeous bag - we'd love to see pics if you can!

    Bexiboo, glad you've used your Poppy satchel, but I'd be really wary of taking her to the beach, and I'm sure you don't want to leave her at home :nuts: Could you maybe get a bag liner, then just take that out for the beach visits?

    I still haven't used my Shimmy hobo. I know I will soon though - I've pranced around at home a few times with her :blush:
  12. Me too! Aqua and midnight mabel still havent had an outing, although for aqua that has mainly been due to the crappy weather just recently.

    Im like that with most things though, clothes can sit in my wardrobe for ages being admired, before I actually wear them :nuts: I wish I was one of those people who can buy something in the morning, get it home, immediately snip the tags off and then put it on that night... however im not :biggrin:
  13. I always use my bags straight away (weather permitting). I always collonil immediately they are home in preparation for the first outing. There has only been one bag I didn't use straight away and like rachiem it went on ebay. (Not that I mean that rachiem went on ebay herself - just her bags!). I buy bags to use not to keep for best or anything.
  14. I am terrible with taking things back. So as long as I decide to keep it I try to make a bit of an event of it and take it somewhere nice.
  15. I'm far too impatient to get a bag and not use it immediately. Obviously if the weather is horrible and I've just acquired an oak bag I may have to delay its first outing, but generally I just spray, let dry and get using that new bag!