Using your Hermes charm

  1. I just received one of those little Hermes charms in the mail: a gold elephant! It's beautiful and will certainly look swell on the Trim I hope to get one of these days ;)

    But I have NO IDEA on how to open it! Can anybody give me a hint? There's no key like with the locks, and I've tried pressing, pulling, and twisting. You know I'll be eternally grateful if you give me instructions. Thanks!
  2. Congrats, coco-nut! The elephant charm is the screw kind. You know that thickened part of the handle? Twist it around and it should unscrew. If you already tried it, perhaps it's just a bit tight. Keep trying, maybe w/ latex gloves on. Good luck!
  3. Oh THANK YOU! That wasn't difficult at all. I was just mystified and now I'm not! All I need now is a bag to plant it on!
  4. I bought one myself from e-bay, received it and stared at it wondering the same thing! Thankfully I e-mailed the seller and the problem was solved! Enjoy!
  5. Hmm, I pm'd you with my thoughts on a bag...maybe you will get one!
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