Using vernis?

  1. My only vernis is a zippy wallet. (In Amarante!) And I am afraid that some harm will come to her at large in my purse.

    Any tips for regular use of a vernis piece?
  2. I have had the Pomme Zippy wallet for six months and it looks fantastic even though I haven't really been too careful with it in my bag. I don't put it next to my keys, though.
  3. stuff i want protected i tend to keep in side pockets if the bag is big enough to have one or fit the item, and that's the only thing i put in there. that way nothing will scratch it.
  4. I've had my framboise vernis agenda in my bag every day for the last 9 months and there isn't a scratch on it - I think with a dark color as your wallet, you wont have to worry as much. With the lighter colors there is the fading and color transfer.
  5. No problems with my two little vernis pieces.

    There are tiny tiny pin sized indents on the Vernis leather but it's nothing that you can tell is there unless you look for it.
  6. i think i have this too. my pomme flat pouch came with this, i noticed it immediately. but it was impossible to find and came all the way from seattle so i just settled. did yours appear from your use or was it there when you bought it?
  7. i was worried when i got my first vernis piece too (pomme cles) but its holding up great. i did keep it in the dust cover in my bag at first but i was getting strange looks when i got it out in shops.
  8. store it in the dust cover while in your handbag :smile:
  9. I use my framboise ludlow fairly regularly. To keep it happy, I keep my keys away from it. On occasion, I put my indigo agenda in my handbag, in the dust cover. Since I don't take it out as often as my wallet, it's ok for me to keep it in the dust cover. An amarante french purse is on it's way to me (hopefully, I like it) and I know I will not keep it in the dust cover. Too much work to remove it from the cover, put it back, etc.

    Bottom line: Keep your wallet away from things that might scratch it.
  10. I have been keeping my frambroise snapped billfold in the dustbag in my purse but it's getting annoying. I've heard that vernis these days are much more resistant of scratches and stuff. I guess just make sure keys aren't around it.
  11. i just put mine inside the side pocket in my bag
  12. hi cinediva! i'm planning on getting the zippy in amarante but i'm also afraid that i might scratch it.. how's yours holding up after almost 2years of use? thanks in advance!:flowers:
  13. why am i the only one who has scratches :sad: everytime i use it i find a new scratch LOL obv scratches that can't be found unless you put the bag in your face! but still .... ... amarante would probably be less obvious and i think you'll get sick of taking the dustbag everywhere.. make sure ur bag has compartments :biggrin:
  14. I have a lot of vernis wallets I try to keep in their dustbags..everything else i've never had any problems with... I love vernis!
  15. I'm sorry to be ignorant but just wanna vernis leather or canvas like monogram or damier??