Using Varathane on signed shoes--please read!

  1. Hi,

    I've used Diamond Hard Varathane on all my C.L. shoes, to protect the red soles, and it does help with this, as long as you use several coats, and wait a week or so before wearing them so the varathane can harden. It seems to work better on shoes that don't bend a lot when you walk--meaning the soles don't flex all the time. The varathane can crack on those styles--so it works best on platforms--and Simples, for some reason. It does wear off with time, so you have to re-apply. Yes,this is for the obsessive types only--and I am one of them!

    The arch of the shoe does not seem to bend--so it should be okay.

    If you want to protect the signature, be sure to test a small area first--I would feel so awful if someone smeared their signed shoes!!! I DO NOT HAVE SIGNED SHOES, AND HAVE NOT TESTED THIS! Please wait a few days post-signing to let the ink dry well, then try coating a small area with the Varathane to make sure there is no smearing before you proceed.

    Let me know if you have questions, and I'll do my best to help.
  2. Aww you are soo sweet!!! Thanks!
  3. Have you used it on VPs, NP, Rolandos, Declics, or some of the other non-platform styles? I guess it is like putting a clear coat of varnish on your hardwoods.

    I plan to put the red Vibram soles on the shoes I am going to wear often, but I would consider putting Varathane on the styles that I won't wear as often. Maybe I will experiment on a less expensive shoe like one of my Stuart Weitzmans. I thought that some kind of clear coat would help the soles like when we put clear coat nail polish over our colored nails. But I wouldn't want to do anything that would damage the soles or run and get on the leather of the shoe.
  4. It's probably worth considering how a hard varnish finish on the soles of your shoes will cope with either smooth and/or wet surfaces. The chances of slipping in your expensive high heel shoes may be increased with this type of coating, especially when first applied :upsidedown::cursing:.
  5. This was exactly what I was thinking!
    I would hate to be slipping and sliding in my heels!LOL
  6. I have put it on my Rolandos--they are a platform shoe. It seems to work best on the styles with stiff soles, because the ones that bend as you walk cause the varnish to crack.

    It doesn't seem to have damaged the soles at all, and I'm careful not to get it on the leather.

    Honestly, the main reason I've done this is because I can't find red vibram soles anywhere, and it's so painful to see the red sole wear off. The varathane is not an ideal solution--it's just the only thing I've had access to. I thought it might work well on the signed shoes, though.
  7. Good point--I don't find them any more slippery in general, BUT I don't wear my C.L. shoes if it's wet--so I don't know how they would be in that situation.
  8. you mentioned that we need to apply 3 coats. do we have to wait a certain of time between applying each coat?
  9. Good to know! Thanks. I called the Vibram company directly because my local cobbler wanted to purchase them. I was informed that they do not sell the red soles in the US, but it is manufactured & sold in Europe. I was able to get 4 pairs of red Vibram soles from eBay, but the seller sold out now. I plan to get more once they are restocked.

    I am with you in the "keep it red" club, and I hate to see the red wear off even though it means that the shoes are loved. It just looks so pretty to see the red on the sole not just the arch and heel.
  10. I followed the directions on the tin--at least four hours drying time between coats. I let it harden for a week before walking on it.

    This isn't a perfect solution--it just keeps the red from coming off after the first wearing. They still get a bit scuffed--just not as bad.

    I'm trying to take some pictures of my Simples, which I've worn quite a few times, including on a bit of concrete.
  11. Just to give an idea what to expect from the varathane, here is a picture of two sample soles. I don't want to mislead anyone into thinking this is a miracle solution--but it does help with the wear and tear.

    The one on the left is a Metallika bootie--it has not been worn on concrete, just floors. The one on the right is a Simple--it has been worn on concrete a bit, and worn more often. Neither has been worn on wet surfaces.
    CL varathane.JPG
  12. The SA at Saks NYC told me that there is rumors going around of a cobbler in NYC that re-laquers(sp?) CL's. He told me he will call me when he finds out exactly who. Ill keep you all posted.
  13. Thanks for posting pics, snowwhite :tup: I think I'm still going to try coating just the arch anyway...I plan on getting all of my CLs resoled anyway. But your shoes have held up quite well! I've already shredded my Simple Cortas down with just two wears :crybaby:

    Stinas, definitely keep us posted ;)
  14. what are red vibram soles?
  15. They are thin rubber soles in red that you can buy from eBay and take them to a shoe repair shop to put on the bottom of your CLs. They are available in the US in black, dark brown, and tan. The red ones are only available in Europe, and that is why we all buy them from eBay.

    Here is the thread with all the information. PM me if you need more info. They are great for when your shoes get worn down, or you can put them on to protect the sole.