Using the cles as a key holder?

  1. ok, I'm sorry if this is a stupid question, but I've seen so many of you using your cles as a keyholder, but my keys dont fit onto the loop, how do you all fit your keys on there??

  2. I'd just get a larger ring for your keys to hook onto, then put them on the keyholder.
  3. Put your keys on a jump ring or just a plain key ring, then slip that ring onto your cles. I :heart: my cles! I have mono and pomme. I keep my drivers license and debit card in it, along with some spare cash.
  4. OK - thanks ladies - I just got the azur and pomme cles and want to use them, but none of my keys would go on there, was getting a little panicky:blush:
  5. This thread just inspired me to change from my mono cles to my pomme! It had been feeling neglected in it's dustcover! :heart:
  6. That's what I do. I love it as a key holder, makes it easier to find my keys in my bag.
  7. the pochette cles is a keyholder. what else do you guys use it for? change and stuff?
  8. hope this helps.
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  9. yeah that's what it for, cles = keys in french, I had the same problem, just use a common loop or put your largest keys in the pouch..