Using the black lambskin camellia bag as a day bag.

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  1. After my big reveal thread of my camellia flap, I was wondering of your guys opinions on it being a day bag. The people that own it, do you use it as a day bag? To the people that don't own it, would you use it as a day bag if you had one? I'm just curious if it'll look weird to use it as a day bag. Please share your opinions, thank you! :yes:
  2. I use bags that size or smaller (!) as a day bag, so I think the camellia flap would work for day use. Unless it's in satin.
  3. I use mine as a day bag, but selectively cos it doesn't fit all the stuff that I love to carry around (Kindle, ipod, lots of lipglosses etc), and I find it rather delicate, so it's more of a special occasion kinda bag for me!!
  4. I don't have one but I plan to get one lol! I would definetly use it for everyday! I have seen ppl use clutches for everyday use too! Its perfect because of the strap and its big enough for the essentials! Love it!
  5. I used to have 1 camelia flap but i returned it in the end for a 226 It is lovely but i guess i will only use it as a weekend bag (when i go shopping), or a evening bag when i go for dinners! :smile:
  6. It depends on what you needa fits for an everyday bag? For me, the camelia size flap work just as well even for everyday bag as I assume it can fit what I bring everyday. I am not strong enough to carry big bags as my everyday bag. LOL
  7. I have 1...I only use it on weekend.
  8. Do you use it during the daytime?
  9. Lol yeah I'm not really a big purse carrier because I don't bring a lot of things with me. It can fit my keys, phone, ipod, and soon to be getting a small LV zippy wallet. I mean during the daytime. Does it look stylish if matched with casual outfits and to take it out during the daytime too?
  10. I wish I could edit my post again. What I also meant in my initial post is that I meant carrying it during the daytime. Does it look stylish if matched with casual outfits and to take it out during the daytime too or does it look weird?
  11. Of course it would look stylish!! Is chanel babe!
  12. The camellia flap can be dressed up or down making it appropriate for day and night. The reason why I think most people use it at night is because of its size. Personally, I can barely fit my daily needs in my m/l flap so I know the camellia would not work for me as a day bag. But, if don't carry a lot than it will be fantastic for day use.
  13. hey lightdays, hope you enjoy your camellia flap.

    I think it's fine for daytime too. I understand your question.

    Funny- in the "old days" (lol) there were rues as to what was "right" and what you "should not" carry.... and really the only thing people would have said then was that if it's satin, or sequin-y etc. you can't carry it in the daytime. And the camellia flap isn't even one of those. But hey, those "rules" went out the window quite a while ago.
    (For instance, shiny stuff in the daytime is not only ok, but it's celebrated.
  14. I say rock your bag during the day! If you can fit what you need in it then there's certainly no reason to restrict it for weekends/nights only. It's gorgeous no matter when/where you use it.
  15. lightdays, don't worry. You can definitely use your camellia bag as a day bag. I personally don't have the bag but I use my westminster(which is mostly considered an evening bag) all the time..with shorts...flats...t-shirts..tanks....dresses, you name it.

    As most people mentioned, if you don't have a ton to carry around during the day, then it should be fine. And plus the cute camellia on the top of it could really brighten up any outfit