Using Sunscreen = still getting a tan???

  1. I'm going to appologize right now if this is a stupid question - but I really don't know.

    If I use sunscreen and apply it correctly, will I still be able to get a tan? Or will I stay as cheesy-white as I am?

    I've asked my friends and I've gotten mixed answers - so they obviously don't know either, lol.
  2. I don't know if it depends on which part of the world you get your sun from, however, I do know that after putting on SPF50+, i still get a tan from going to the beach. I might not get as tanned as if I didn't use any, but at least i don't burn. (btw, i'm from Australia and the only other beaches that I go to are in Hawaii and the Carribean)

    If i burn, the skin's going to peel off anyway and reveal more pasty white skin.

    USE sunscreen even if you want a tan =)

    (or.. you could try the tanning spray that comes with SPF20 is the max i think.. i personally didn't know if it was any different to using normal sunscreen).
  3. you'll absolutely still get a tan, it just won't happen as quickly. i always wear SPF30 or more sunscreen and i still can get a nice tan during a week at the beach.
  4. yes you can , takesa bit longer but never ever go into the sum without
  5. Try the Tanning Sunscreen. I use one by Tropical blahh blahh and its the dark tan one? Hahaha sorry I wasnt more specific.
  6. YES - you will still get a tan while using sunblock. No matter what you put on your skin, the suns rays will still get through.

    And I agree with GOODMORNIN...the worse sun damage I have ever experienced was when I was below/on the Equator during the summer months (ie Rio de Janeiro in January).
  7. You will still get a tan. I, however, do not follow my own advice and never use sunscreen.
  8. Thanks everybody :smile:

    I never used sunscreen - mainly because I always thought that if you used sunscreen you would stay pasty white, lol!
  9. It's interesting how many people use sunscreen in the US. As far as I know people in Europe only use it when they go to the beach, which is quite far away for most people, so they just use it in vacation. I'm wondering where this awareness in the US comes from.
  10. I think this is due to the fact that awareness about the correlation between sun exposure and skin cancer. The health departments of the U.S have done a great job alerting the public of the dangers of the sun's rays. Also, putting screening meauseres in place for skin cancer has also helped to raise awareness.
  11. I agree, yes, you will still tan or possibly burn.
    The rule of thumb is that for the spf # you can stay outside that many more times as w/o it.
    It's really imporatnt to put it on at least 15 minutes prior to exposure and to reapply it fairly often.
  12. Sorry if this is a silly question. How do I get a tan on my body without exposing my face? I get freckles when I stay out in the sun but I like getting color on my body. I've tried using hats, highest SPF, put a small towel on my face (I look dumb when I do this) but are those enough?

    Help please :huh:
  13. thanx for the information!

    what about the need of uv-rays to produce vitamin-d? I've read that people are more likely to have a vitamin-d underdose than too much sun exposure (however it was a german article, might be an underdose due to the winter). will your body produce enough vitamin-d if you use sunscreen and stay out long enough?
  14. Check out the skincare board at They have all the info you need about sunscreens
  15. Leah, yes that's enough - sunscreen and a wide brimmed hat.

    sw0pp - you get sufficient Vitamin D from the sun by just getting in and out of your car a few times a day or being near sunny windows.