Tech using public wifi to make a bid on ebay?

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  1. would you use public wifi to make an ebay bid? I would not be paying that way, just bidding

    it seems some people online are saying wifi from public places can open up all the info on you computer to bad things?
  2. I wouldn't unless I was connected via a VPN.
  3. It depends. If you're on a secured site, it's gonna be pretty hard for them to see any real data. So make sure the site has the HTTPS at the beginning of the URL. As long as you see that, unless you're dealing with a hardcore hacker (someone who can hack 128bit SSL, which takes lots of time and skills), you'll be fine. Most wifi security uses 128bit SSL anyway, so if they're that good, it won't matter. Point is, unless you're some specific foreign dignitary or wealthy target, no one is gonna be sitting around a coffee shop hacking SSL secure sites.
  4. I'm super anal about WiFi security, so I usually don't login to sensitive-info websites when on public WiFi. (Exception: my email, but I login via SSL and use 1-time disposable passwords.)

    If I were to drop the level anality a notch, however, I would agree with the earlier post that as long as you're on an SSL/https site, you should be fine.

    That said, some sites have you login via SSL, but then changeover to non-SSL for the duration of your visit. (eBay may be like that; I haven't checked recently.) The problem with that scenario is that a nearby hacker/sniffer could snatch your session cookie right out of the air and use your eBay account, a la Firesheep.

    Yeah, VPN is the way to go! I need to research that more and sign up with a VPN company soon. HotSpotVPN was a reputable one years ago, but I bet there are more on the scene now.
  5. No