Using Poppy Glam tote/ or spotlight as a diaper bag?

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  1. I was just wondering if anybody is using their poppy glam totes or their spotlights as diaper bags? Since they aren't that expensive at the outlets right now it might not be as risky as using a $900 Legacy Peyton... does anybody do that? And if so, is it comfortable, do you fit a lot and do you put bottles in as well? I remember someone on here said they bought a glam tote for exactly that purpouse, so I was wondering if there's any feedback on that yet?
  2. they are light enough to be a diaper bag -I used my black/lurex spotlight yesterday and boy I LOVE her and I hve it in kahki/gold - I also have the big mamma with the three pockets on teh front int blueberry -
  3. are the glam totes still only 30% off at the outlets?
  4. I think both bags would be great!!!!
  5. I like the book tote for a diaper bag too!!
  6. yes, that would be a great diaper bag!!!!
  7. I am getting one to use as a diaper bag as well! I spent 75 on a kalencom diaper bag and it is already falling apart so I am way ticked off at it!
  8. I actually bought the large patent spotlight in licorice to use as my diaper bag but found it to be too small. I agree with Stars, the book tote would make a great diaper bag! I use the large quilted Alex tote for my diaper bag and it holds tons of stuff.
  9. I loved my large spotlight as a diaper bag! It was absolutely perfect. I've used my Glam tote as well, and it worked really well too.
  10. I think the glam tote would work as a diaper bag. It's very roomy and super cute. My only issue would be that I like to have the special compartments to keep bottles upright so they don't leak.
  11. Yes, they are 30% off at our outlet in Oregon anyway!

    I would think a glam tote would work well, the bottles would concern me though, unless I had some way to keep them upright for sure all the time!
  12. Ziploc bags! And I find, that with my bag packed as it is, I can tuck it at the side of the bag, and it'll be propped up straight.
  13. It is funny that you ask that today because I went out with my three yr. old to Macy's to return something and ended up trying on some clothes and wished I had a baby bag. I try not to have to carry my huge baby bag, so I put an extra undie, his sippy cup, a baggie of Teddy Grahams and his blanket in my Legacy satchel... Nightmare!! I went to the outlet and bought a Poppy Spotlight in amethyst patent and I will use that when I take him out. It would be the perfect and most stylish baby bag ever! He is a toddler, so I don't need to haul all the stuff I used to when he was an infant, but I still think it is perfect! And... I can also use it as my handbag for everyday use.