Using PCE on the Site?

  1. After hearing everyone say you don't necessarily need the card to take advantage of the PCE, can you use it calling to order from Coach?

    There are some things I've been wanting but couldn't justify..with a discount, I sure could! And with this, is anything excluded? I've been wanting the L. ponytail for so long, and some charms...what you think?
  2. I threw my card away when I thought PCE was over so I can't double check, but I think it says on the back of the card that the PCE isn't eligible on items purchased at, the outlets or over the phone via the 888 number. But I'm not totally sure...
  3. You're right, ellacoach. It is not valid on or over the phone thru the 888 number.
  4. Call your local store and ask if you can order over the phone with them and use it. I did at mine.
  5. Divalori, there are no exclusions I believe and if you want to get the legacy scarf and some charms, go for it.
  6. Just to add...I received a card and call about PCE a few weeks ago and at that time they said I could call in my order (to the boutique). Today I called my local store and another neighboring one, and both locations told me I had to come in person for the extended PCE. I wound up calling 888 and paying full price for my items (10328 in black, matching wallet, and legacy bangle) out of convenience and the fact that my local SA's are not like Sprinkles and Sarah...wish I was near their stores!
  7. That's gonna bother me if I can't order over the phone. I can't get to a boutique and I just got a card in the mail today. It's not like I would have known to order earlier since I had no idea I was being given the discount.

    Is it possible to order from another store in a different state and have it shipped? I know other stores are doing phone orders.
  8. I thought about calling the Washington store that someone posted about a few days ago, but didn't. Maybe I should've tried, it would have saved me $160'ish.
  9. My store is great about letting me call... but initially I was there in person, and then called back to order more. I don't know if that made a difference or not?? They've been great!

    Good luck!
  10. Call again and talk to a different SA. Surely someone will see the light and allow you to order via phone.
  11. JB Bags, I believe if you receive your items before the 30th and ask for a PCE price adjustement, your local store might be able to do that. Just tell them that you want to return and buy them back w/ PCE.

  12. Thanks for the suggestion. I get my items next Tuesday so I should still have time to try:yes:
  13. You're welcome, JB Bags. Good luck !!!:smile: