Using one of your Bbags every day for a long time...

  1. Have you used one of your Bbags every day for a long time?

    I only have one Bbag - black First and I LOVE it! It's so easy to carry (hand, arm, or shoulder) and very easy to get into. But I'm afraid that if I use it for a few months in a row (I purchased it a couple of months ago), it will look very worn in and not "great", you know? I do give it a break on weekends, vacations, my days off work (I don't like carrying logo-ed bags to work, so my Chanels and Louis Vuittons are staying home on week days) and use my other designer bags.

    Do you have any experience with that? Is it true that Bbags only get better with age? Should I treat my bag to prevent it from certain things? If so, which products would you recommend?

    Thank you very much!! :smile:
  2. I think bbags just get better with use. I would suggest treating the handles if it were a lighter color, but with black you don't have to worry about the handles darkening really. People are very particular about whether or not they like to moisturize their bbags. I think that it is good to moisturize every once in a while if the bag looks like it needs it. I think you should use it and enjoy it...just keep an eye on the leather and moisturize or clean as necessary! Enjoy
  3. Oh, apple guard or lovin my bags (LMB) products are excellent for bbags!
  4. Thank you very much for your response! I will definitely remember to moisturize my bag as it gets a little older...:smile:
  5. I don't really know what classifies as a long time, but I've used my Black City everyday since I bought it on Sept. 1st. I'm usually really careful with my bags, and I don't put this one on the ground or anything, but it takes more of a beating than my other bags as I carry it to school. So far, so good!
  6. Check out this thread - it shows how well Bbags age. :yes:

    Seems to me that BBags are definitely more delicate than some other designer bags (for example, Chloe), but, despite that, they seem to age really well and hold their value.

    As far as care/feeding, there is a lot of information in the Reference Library about the various products people use. I myself have used a lot of Apple Garde stain repellant and Lovin My Bags For Handles Only. Both of these seem to protect my bags wonderfully, and have not changed the color or feel of the leather.

    HTH! :smile:
  7. I love the fact that you are using it so regularly! I am one of those to use something I love and not shelve it too. I carried my RV everyday and many a times, that's how sales assistants identify me when I go shopping...LOL