Using my samples while social distancing

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  1. I have a ton of skin and hair care samples that are fairly fresh. My job is on hiatus so like many I’m at home. I picked up a rescue dog to foster and am cooking for my DH nonstop, I’m still attempting to be useful. A few days ago I decided to start using up my samples. I’m think my stash is at least a couple of months worth. That way when I’m home I won’t be using my pricy full size supplies, in a weird way saving some money while I’m off. Anyone else doing this?
    I started Verso facial serum, for me it’s heavy enough where I don’t need a moisturizer and Sjal orbe eye contour cream, which feels nice. 99F1C4AF-A6C3-4239-88D9-481B23479567.jpeg
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  2. This is one of those typical "why didn't I think of that" moments. I am one of those woman who saves samples for overnight weekends. When the weekends come, I am so afraid of an allergic reaction I always fill a contact case with my moisturizer and that will last me a couple of days.

    I don't think I will do this every day because I am afraid something will cause a reaction and it's best to stay clear from those. I think I'll chime in next saturday and will call it sample saturday.

    Thank you for the great idea and giving me something to look forward to.
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  3. I am doing a similar thing. I have quite a stash of samples and travel sizes but I don't travel that much, so I am taking this opportunity to use them all up.
    I am also trying hard to use up cosmetics and perfumes. I spray myself with perfume many times throughout the day, instead of my usual once in the morning. I reapply my lipstick every hour or so. I have seven lipsticks on my dresser now- why? One would be adequate.
    Self quarantining has a silver lining.
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  4. Love sample Saturday!
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  5. I agree, I’m also getting tons of household things done. Feels like I’m accomplished :P
  6. I'm using up samples too! Especially my foundation samples that might not be a good color match... I'm determining whether or not I like the formulas, and if they would be worth purchasing in full sizes at some point in the future.
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  7. Why would you be afraid of using your pricy, full-size things while you're social distancing? They're for you, aren't they?

    Hell, for me, this is all the reason for me to use even more of my perfumes than usual. I don't have to worry about offending anyone by spraying too much.
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  8. My skin is a mess. It's dry, flaky, red, blotchy and I have some zits. I am overall not happy and my skin is chiming in. If something can undo this mess, I am clicking it home in a heartbeat.

    Wonder if this will do the trick. It's also 2 ml so it might even last me a little bit longer than this weekend.

    Did somebody else already finished something?

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    Totally agree! Now i can wear what i want and when i want, without odd looks...

    OT be carefull with samples - if you have bad and reactive skin, it might get even worse from experimenting and changing products after several applications. A few samples won't hurt... Last year i decied to use up all my samples (70-ish saples from 20 brands) and it was such a stupid thing to do. It's better to stick with your regular skincare.
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  10. Did that too, happened was Maxt just wrote: my skin did not like all that different products. Except for the ampulles from Babor...
  11. So sorry to hear that :sad: From my experience, gentle clensers (soap free) in combination with acne treatment (i use) at night and daily hydration (no spf since i'm at home) worked well for my skin recovery.

    Today i reorganised tinted cream and foundation samples. Some shades are too dark for me, and light ones are cool-toned. So, cool-toned ones are going away, but i think i'll keep darker ones, maybe i can use them to darken my foundation later.
  12. Luckily my skin has recovered. Still some stress spots here and there, but will tend to them. Went back to my regular regimen. Perhaps an ampulle here and then is enough...

    Oh, I should organize my make-ups, too. What do you do with the ones you sort out...? I have severals why ever and I am not sure if they are even stll good - I think some foundations must be around 2-3 years old (don't use that much foundation)...