Using LV in interior decor

  1. Have you gals ever thought of using your bags as part of interior decor? I feel like putting my MC trouville in a glass case, and displaying in the living room since its so pretty and i hardly use it lol
  2. That's a good idea. However, I think I would personally feel too guilty about not carrying a bag and just putting it on display. I'd probably return or sell it and buy something I'd actually carry. :smile:
  3. Maybe if I was a collector and have a very rare bag. I'm more of a user so it's not going to happen :biggrin:
  4. I would put a sculpture or first-edition book in a glass case, personally, over a handbag! I guess I don't love my handbags enough, lol!
  5. im sorry, but i think putting a mass-produced bag in a glass vitrine a bit tacky. unless you have an original prototype where Murakami hand-painted the eyes or flowers, then it can be considered an art peice. LVs should be used or displayed nochalantly (but respectfully and responsibly). it loses it's sense of luxury if one is too precious about it. but that's just my opinion.
  6. Acutally I was an interior Designer for 15 yrs. and I like the idea of putting a splash of LV somewhere in your home. I have books on display, anything I can get my hot little hands on to make my place look as cute as the bag I carry. Its a reflection of me.
    the glass thingy, well that is what made me want the cabas charms bag so badly, because I couldn't get to it, was in that big glass case in the middle of the LV showroom crying to get out. So I came to the rescue, purchased the bag, brought her home, now I just stare at the bill LOL
  7. LV_addict! mentioned that she might put her playing cards on display, I think that would be a fantastic idea !
  8. Yep Ayla-I shared earlier on her thread that i bought some cards too. I will put them on the game table in my game room next to my chess.
    I have it ALL planned out. LOL
  9. I personally wouldn't do that w/ a handbag, but I like when people use LV trunks as occasional tables.
  10. I have all my rarities in a cabinet and the store display stuff around the house. My fringe sits on my dresser, cause I just can't take my eyes off it! I can't wait for the cards from robbieNEmmy! I have two glass walls (not windows, so they won't fade) in my house, so I will probably do white on one wall and black on the other, once I saw the numbers and characters, eeeeeee!:biggrin: keykey36 I can't wait to see your table!
  11. I agree. Sculptures, archaeological items, historical items, and pieces of art in general are what I would put into glass cases. IMO.
  12. The ONLY time I would use LV in home decor is as follows: I think it would be fabulous to have a vintage LV trunk at the foot of a bed, as a sort of storage trunk for linens or towels or something...otherwise, I would NEVER put LV on display...although I would definitely use Murakami wallpaper, which, by the way, does exist.:biggrin:
  13. I have 3 different size hard suitcases stacked in front of my fireplace - with the LV book on top. I get lots of compliments from those who know.
  14. I have my Recital on a Boston tea table in my dining room along with candlesticks, a tray and a lamp. I actually just set it down there one day and it looked kind of cute. :smile: I love to see her as I walk by since I don't carry her every day. :amuse:
  15. Not to offend anyone but I think it's all ghastly!! personal wear, no matter the designer, is not interior decor!