Using friend's PayPal account.

  1. I was watching several different bags that were authenticated in several of the "Authenticate This" (Trust me, I need those sections....everything time I think I'm doing good, it's usually fake, lol) sections, and one of the ladies said she only accepted Cashier's/MO.

    I just eBay-messaged her and asked if she would accept Paypal because then I would be interested in bidding.

    She said that she didn't have a PayPal account but she had a friend that would let her use hers.

    Would I still be protected with buyer protection if I did that? How would that work? Or should I just pass?

  2. Yeah you would be, she wouldn't though, I mean if her friend took the money, then she's liable for it (i think) because the paypal transaction will be linked to the eBay transaction regardless of the paypal account used