Using Ebay's Fb To Lie

  1. I had had a horrible experience with a buyer. Although my listings clearly state that we only ship to confirmed paypal addresses, some idiot went and bought items anyways. She sends payment, so I started work on her item and even sent her a proof. A few days after the proof was sent, I get an email saying that she needs it shipped to a different address. I tell her we clearly don't do that and she needs to resubmit payment with her correct shipping address (confirmed) so we can ship it to her. She refuses and says that we should just ship it to the address she emailed us or she would do a chargeback on her CC. I tell her it's unethical because we already started work for her. After numerous threats from her, I leave a neg saying "UNETHICAL! DID NOT FOLLOW OUR POLICIES AND CANCELLED PAYMENT AFTER WORK BEGAN!!" She then agrees to send money but only AFTER i un-neg her and unblock her. I'm thinking to myself, she must think I'm stupid. You don't need FB removed or to be unblocked to send a payment via paypal. She's completely trying to scam me. So I refund her money and tell her that I didn't want her business, because she was being dishonest. I just checked my FB and she says "Quality sub-par. Irrational!! Changed store name to avoid NEG. feedback. Beware!". I NEVER SENT HER ANYTHING. HOW CAN THE QUALITY BE SUB-PAR? SHE COMPLETELY LIED TO MAKE ME LOOK BAD. ALL MY OTHER FB IS GLOWING REVIEWS. I'M SO ANNOYED BECAUSE SHE SCREWED ME OVER AND DIDN'T RESPECT MY STORE POLICIES. WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST UNDERSTAND THAT MOST SELLERS DON'T SHIP TO AN UNCONFIRMED ADDRESS? I MEAN HOW LAZY AND STUPID DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO NOT UPDATE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION? IF YOU WERE ORDERING FROM A CATALOG, YOU WOULD HAVE ENTERED YOUR CORRECT INFO. CAN I GET HER KICKED OFF OF eBay OR PAYPAL FOR THREATENING TO DO A CHARGEBACK IF I DIDN'T SHIP TO AN UNCONFIRMED ADDRESS?
  2. I hope you saved all of her emails, I hope you can get the negative removed as it's clearly retaliatory! (Is that even a word?)
  3. Nope, they won't do much, unless you want to pay square trade to have it removed.

    What you can do is go to paypal and update your preferences so that your account will accept payment from confirmed addresses only.
  4. Well, yes, it's retalitory feedback. If it's that upsetting to you, why don't you mutually remove the feedback or go through Square Trade?

    Also, please don't yell in all caps ... it's hard to read ...
  5. Does the buyer have good a feedback rating? If so they might appreciate a mutual withdrawal. If not there is always one idiot you have to deal with so you might want to but it down to experience. You can also add a comment to the feedback they have left which should prevent you loosing sales.
  6. :cursing:This happens to me almost every week. These idiots can't seem to read the large different color print in the listing that says I only ship to confirmed Paypal addresses.
  7. Will it cancel their bid if they are not confirmed? Or do you have to relist after they try to pay?
  8. i do have my paypal settings adjusted to only accept confirmed addresses. The only problem is these idiot buyers who don't bother to read anything. They just end up paying with their incorrect confirmed address and expect you to just send it wherever they please. And they threaten you if you tell them you can't.