Using Debit Cards on ELuxury

  1. Hello, I read in another thread where someone told someone else not to use their Debit Card on Elux, but to use a CC instead American Express preferred.. I have tried to use my Debit Card twice, once for $2500 and the other for $300something. I called the bank both times and they said everything was fine, the money was there both times, so why would'nt they take my card? Does anyone have any answers or suggestions as to what the problem could be. Oh and what's worse is that they put your money on hold for like 3 or 4 days so then you have to wait on the play money to come back before you can buy something else:wtf: That sucks!:sad:
  2. I just used my Debit on Elux and it worked fine..did you type in the CVC code??
  3. Yes, and each time it would say the order could not be completed or whatever it said but the cvc box would be empty again.:confused1:
  4. That's weird...I'd call elux and place the order over the phone then, it should work.
  5. Thanks.:nuts: Now I'm excited again.
  6. You're welcome!
    It definitely should work either way, I use mine on there. :yes:
  7. i use my debit card most of the time when i order on elux, works great! never had any problems :yes:
  8. Think some people where talking about the problems some pfm where having with elux sending out used bags and then not taking them back. Members where having to get their credit card companies involved and the best company to help them solve this issues was AE
  9. AE is great but quite expensive ot maintain..:p
  10. When at all possible use your CC for extra protection. If you have the $ in the bank then just pay the CC in full when you get the bill. I will not allow anyone to play with my $$.

    Plus with my CC World Points I get free Bloomies Gift Cards, ya cant beat that.