using ****** coupon...I don't get it...

Oct 10, 2006
Ok..I want to get 8% off today...and I go to ****** and see the coupon..but I do not understand how to use it. I see the area where you click to "use this coupon"...but it takes me to the LV site. I made my choice of item..but I do not see where the coupon has been entered. I'm confused....How do I know that I actually am getting the 8% off????? HELP PLEASE....
Sounds like you did it right. Your rebate comes separately from ****** - either by check or deposited into paypal quarterly. It does not come off your invoice at eluxury. You should be able to see your account balance and check tracking tickets at the ****** website.
It's kind of weird. First sign in/register. Did you find the place where it says eluxury, then 8% rebate? Click on that. Another window will pop up telling you youre going to elux, and it has like a tracking #. They you will be in eluxury. ****** is just a referrer to elux. There is no coupon. A few hours/days after you place an order on elux and pay for it, it will show up under "my account" on ******. It's kind of sketchy, but it seems to work. Dont forget to enter the GOLD coupon code on elux. I did click on that link from ****** (8% cash back and free shipping) but it didnt give me the free ship. I had to enter the word at check out. I printed out my tracking # thing from ****** just in case theres a problem and I dont get the discount. I ordered once before from ******/elux, but I only got like $5 back but that did show up in my account on ******.
it's 8 percent for another 7 hours.

they have a guide on there that explains how it buy just like stefania said..buying today means that you will get your rebate on feb 15' can either have a check mailed to you or have it through paypal.

hope that helps!