Using celebrities names/pics in listings- what's ok?

  1. I have a purse I'm planning on listing that's well known because MK and Asley Olsen wear it all the time. Can I use their name anywhere (title/subtitle/body of listing)? How about a picture of them with the bag? I've seen other sellers do all of the above but I don't want to break any eBay rules and can't figure out if names are copyrighted in any way. I wouldn't think so but eBay can be weird about that stuff.

    Thanks so much for any advice anyone can give, I really appreciate it!
  2. Well technically unless YOU took the photograph, or purchased rights to use it, it is illegal to use it in your listing. It's the intellectual property of the photographer who originally took the photo and/or the magazine which published it. I know that tons of sellers do it, but it actually IS against the law. No one bothers to prosecute, in most cases, of course, but I just wanted to let you know.

    As for celebrity names, eBay has a policy on this, but honestly I don't remember what it is because I don't ever use celebrity names in my listings.
    If you go to, then Help, then type in celebrity names you should find the relevant Help page.
  3. I sometimes write it in my auctions- like "This same top was seen on Jessica Simpson" or "This brand is popular among celebrities." But I don't use pictures.
  4. Thanks for the help! I thought using those pics was against ebay policy but I had seen so many reputable sellers do that I wanted to double check. Ill try figuring out the name thing on ebay help but if anyone else knows in the meantime your help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks again!
  5. Actually I am pretty sure the name thing falls under Keyword Spamming and your listings can be cancelled for that...

    Like using LIKE NEW in the title... Big NO~NO...
  6. ^ Thanks, good to know! I really don't want any trouble from listing it! Is that just in the title or in the listing itself? What if I just put "as seen on MK & Ashley" in the subtitle with no full name reference? You can't search by subtitle that I'm aware of so that couldn't possibly be keyword spam, right?
  7. I usually steer clear of anyone using celebrity pics/names on alisting. I couldn't care less if it's been seen/worn by a celebrity........I'm buying the bag because I like it and it has nothing to do with a celebrity. If a seller can't take their own pictures and have to rely on celebrities to sell their product for them, then they're not putting too much worth on what they're selling....just my honest opinion.
  8. In my descriptions, I may say, as worn by Mary-Kate Ols*n. I avoid the key-word spamming issue that way. I'm not using their names to get potential buyers to my listing, but I'm letting people who know the handbag type, that it was carried by Mary-Kate Ols*n.
  9. That would be fine!:yes:
  10. How come it is not okay to say "Like New" in your title? :confused1:
  11. :yes::yes::tup:
  12. ^ I don't agree. You personally might not care what a celebrity wears (and neither do I), but there are tons of buyers out there who do. As a seller, I take tons of my own pictures of an item, but if the item was worn by someone famous, I will also will say something like "This top is a favorite among celebrities." That doesn't mean I don't think my item is valuable. Buying things that were worn by celebrities doesn't influence me, but it does influence a lot of buyers.
  13. I stear clear of auctions with pics of celebs. For some reason it makes me feel like it is fake.:nogood:
  14. Thanks so much for all the help- I think I'll avoid any pics or full names and just go with MK & Ashley in the listing so there are no problems.

    I agree that just because a celeb wears the bag doesn't make the bag any diferent than it was before they wore it, but it's obvious that a celeb wearing a bag makes it alot more valuable in terms of resale. "it" bags aren't that way because they are inherently better than every other bag on the market- they're lusted after because they're seen on celebs. The more celebs wear a certain bag the more others want it. When celebs stop wearing that bag and it ceases to be featured in every tabloid magazine the value of the bag to many buyers diminishes (like the dior gaucho and the spy). That doesn't make it any less of a bag than it was before, but it does influence buyers IMHO.

  15. Ebay will pull your listings because it falls under Keyword Spamming. By putting New in the title that allows the listing to be pulled up that way when in fact it is not a new listing. I did not know that and had listed a bag and had it pulled ?? relisted it ~ pulled again ?? I called them and said what is the deal and they said because I had used the phrase LIKE NEW in the title. Misleading and keyword violation... :yes: