Using Bids to Snip Then Using Bid Retraction?

  1. :confused1:Ok, I've got a weird one for you all. I just had a bidder put in a bid of $200.00 which took an item up to about $85.00, however, then came back from an errand and the bidder retracted their bill stating of course, that they entered the wrong amount. Which brought the item back down to $36.00, with the original bidder again the high bidder. So, I'm thinking, this is pretty strange. It's not like this person hit $200.00 on accident and meant to bid $20.00 as the item started at $29.99. It's almost like they entered the really high bid of $200.00 to see how high the original bidder bid up the item and then retracted it with the possibility of coming back in at the last moment sniping and knowing exactly how much the original bidder has bid up the item...does this sound weird? Has this every happened to anyone? Let me know your thoughts.:confused1:
  2. only time I've seen this happen is when there is shill bidding, but it's your auction, so that can't be the case

    very strange, maybe bidders remorse?
  3. it's a good idea actually! LOL!
    I hope that never happens on one of my auctions, it's never happened to me before.
    If that's what the bidder truily did it for, they have FAR more time on their hands to scheme than I do!
  4. Well the strange thing is, the person who retracted put their high bid in at $35.00, and the original bidder is the high bidder at $36.00. Why do I get the feeling that this person who retracted their $200.00 bid wanted to see how much the first and original bidder had bid up the item to. I've got 14 people watching the item, and it's a hot item for people looking for it,'s very strange. The retracted bidder has a lot of feedback too, and I mean a lot. I guess it would be an easy way to see how much they thought they would have to pay for an item in the end....
  5. Yeah that has happened to me before but when I've been bidding on an item. I'll get the outbid notice in my inbox and think "Oh well." Then I check my eBay some time later only to find I'm still the high bidder.
    Once I checked the bottom of the bidding list where it shows retractions to find that the person bid $1000 on this cheap was obviously to see how high I had bid because they never bid again. That particular person though had about 27 bid retractions and I thought it was fishy, especially seeing as how eBay supposedly "investigates all bid retractions." If anyone was retracting for the wrong reasons it was definitely that person. :rolleyes:
  6. May I ask hw you know they entered a bid amount of $200?
  7. ^^If they retracted the bid, it shows on on the bid list of retractions and tells you something like, "bid of $200 retracted." And after that, it lists the reason they chose for retracting.
  8. Is this a reserved listing? If so, I think that bidder was trying to find out your reserve price; otherwise he/she was checking the next highest bidder's price. This is not ethical at all.
  9. Yes, only the seller can see it. Well it sure is funky. Gosh, the things people will do.
    I thought it was strange that this person bid it up that high, and then retracted and left a bid in at all. Guess she's fishing to see how much the other bidder is willing to pay.
  10. No reserve.
    I really find this practice offensive, if that's what's going on.
  11. how annoying, good luck on your auction.
  12. This happened to me when I was bidding on a bag. I really wanted this certain bag and kept getting out bid and I would raise. Then they would retract and then I would be winning. It happened over and over again till I realized what was going on. Luckily someone else started to bid high and I got out of the top spot and got away from the crazy bidder/retractor and the item.
  13. i am thinking they must have wanted to see how much the bid was up to. clever, but wrong nonetheless. this hasn't happened to me yet.
  14. Item has ended. Long time customer ended up with it, so am happy about that, and yes, the person who retracted came in and out bid the original bidder by a whoppping $1.00. Thank goodness she was outbid in the end.
    Sheesh...I learn something new on eBay everyday, and I thought I had seen it ALL!
    Thanks all!
  15. fishy, you are right. whadda ya going to do?