Using beeswax to make Matita Card Case zipper run more smoothly

  1. My Matita Zip Around Card Case had a zipper that was hard to open and seemed to be getting worse so I asked around for a solution.

    A friend of mine recommended using solid beeswax to make a zipper run more smoothly. I bought a solid stick at JoAnn's Fabrics for under $4 and ran it around the outside and inside of the zipper concentrating on the corners. I was shocked at how much easier the zipper moves. The excess wax just falls off (I don't know if I'd try this on a light colored item, though).

    Hope this helps someone like it helped me. Silly, but this made my day and I want to tell the world :smile:

    (If I put this in the wrong location or if it's a duplicate, sorry!)
  2. Thanks for the information!

    I'd like to give the beeswax a try as the zippers on my San Marcos Julie tote are a bit tough to open.
  3. Thank you for sharing this, Miss_FancyBags! Very Good and useful information! :tup:
  4. My pleasure! :smile:
  5. Since I couldn't find the beeswax at Joann's, I tried waxed paper instead and it helped the zipper on my tornabuoni veneta.
  6. Leilani01 - that's a great idea!! I may try that out myself :smile:
  7. You can also buy a beeswax candle. This is a common woodworkers trick when putting in the screw across the beeswax candle before screwing it in.

    I have used the Teflon drawer slide spray for zippers. I spray it on a cotton swab or small paintbrush and paint it on the teeth. This also works well.
  8. I had considerable difficulties to unzip my matita coin case to the point that it got stuck several times and i couldnt pay for items. It was pretty embarrasing, so i took the case to the boutique for repair around 6 weeks ago. I havent heard from them yet, i must give them a ring this week.
  9. ^^^ mariabdc - that's how bad mine was! I thought I was going to break the zipper because I had to pull so hard especially around the corners and hated using it. I was unzipping and zipping and then it would get stuck and I'd have to start all over until I finally just left it open all of the time and that sort of defeated the purpose of a zip-around case (lol).

    Ever since I tried the beeswax last June, it's been perfect and runs smoothly. I was so relieved - whew! I love that there are all of these other great ideas that I wouldn't have thought of like wax paper and beeswax candles and Teflon drawer slide spray :biggrin:

    Thanks, jburgh - I will try the Teflon spray w/ swab on a zipper (clothing) that has been giving me some trouble!
  10. My mom used to keep some of the wax she had previously melted down and used to seal jams and jellies in a drawer in the kitchen and whenever we had a sticky window or something else like that we would get out a piece and use it. Fond memories...
  11. Update: i got my matita coincase back today from the factory. It "only" took them 6 weeks to fix it.
    It looks brand new, i wonder whether they sent a new coin case... but i guess it is mine, they have probably cleaned it as well. The zipper runs very smoothly, it is so easy to open it now.
    I should have browsed the items while i was there: i am obsessed with the knot again!