Using apple guard on embellished bags (and canvas pieces)


Feb 25, 2020
Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well and staying safe.

I recently acquired several light-colored pieces that I want to protect against color transfer: the Stardust Sierra (in I believe crossgrain), a pebbled-leather Nolita with prairie rivets, and a cosmetic pouch in coated canvas. I've never used apple guard before, so I wanted to ask advice from the more experienced!

1) For the embellished bags, is there anything in particular I should do after spraying? I was thinking probably wiping off the rivets?
2) Is it okay to spray the coated canvas cosmetic pouch?
Also, I've several other bags, including some vintage bags. Is it recommended to just go wild and spray them all? Or limit myself to the lighter colored pieces?

Any tips and tricks would be appreciated! Especially on how to go about doing things right.