Using Apple and Collonil has changed the colour of my Emerald Rocco!

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  1. I have been using Apple Leather Care and Collonil Waterstop spray on my Balenciaga's, Chloe and Chloe bags with no problem at all.

    I wanted to condition and spray all my Rocco's. I started with my very pebbly black Rocco. I always put a tiny amount in the corner right underneath the bag just incase it ruins the bag. I didnt have a problem so i did the same with my 'Spice' Rocco. This one went very dark so i was a little worried to put cream all over the whole bag. I left it for a while and it was ok.

    The problem is my 'Emerald' Rocco. Again i put a tiny amount of Apple Leather Care on the corner right underneath the bag by the studs and it went very very dark. Looked like it changed the colour of the bag. I left it for a while before spraying that tiny area. It's still very dark.

    Obviously i won't do this to the whole bag because it will look awful and i love the Emerald colour of my Rocco, but i'm really annoyed because i wanted to condition and spray my bag to protect it.
    Does anyone have this problem with their Rocco? Is the Apple Guard Repellent the same as Collonil?
    The leather on the Rocco's look very delicate but i would have thought you'd be able to condition the bag without a problem. Has anyone else had the same problem that i've had? Would you recommend anything else? Or should i just leave it alone now?
    I'm just nervous about taking it out when it might start to rain. This UK weather is very unpredictable! :sad:
  2. I haven't tried conditioning my Rocco's, but I would love to see pic's of your spice Rocco. I believe that is the bag Liz M was sporting every week on Gallery Girls. Would love confirmation!!

    It is the second photo in this article.

    Can anyone confirm that is the spice?

    As far as your emerald Rocco, that is so upsetting about the color darkening so. I am so sorry that happened.
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    It's not the entire bag that has darkened its only a tiny spot right underneath the bag next to the first stud so it's not bad, i'm just annoyed that i can't use the cream and spray all over the bag to protect it. I've just decided to leave the bag untreated because if i use the cream all over the bag it will ruin it.

    I have no idea if the Rocco in that photo is Spice. I have uploaded photo's of mine.
    DSC05220.JPG DSC05221.JPG DSC05175.JPG DSC05196.JPG DSC05197.JPG DSC05198.JPG DSC05199.JPG
  4. Your Rocco's are beautiful. I do believe it was the spice bag in Gallery Girls. It is so gorgeous, I hope that color is offered again. Thanks for sharing your pics!
  5. I've used Apple on my Rocco's with no problem...both the conditioner and the Rain 'n Stain. Maybe it's the particular color and dye that was used on this bag perhaps? I'd also recommend trying Vectra for protection. I've used it on multiple bags/leathers including very light colored lambskin with no issues. Maybe try another brand conditioner? Blackrock Leather N Rich and Leather Honey might be options.
  6. Thankyou ladies.

    I'm a little nervous to try anything else to be honest. I'm just worried that anything i try will be the same and completely ruin the bag!
  7. The same thing happened to me with my Luggage Rocco when I used Apple. I was devastated and thought about sending it out to LMB or selling it. It took a few days but it returned to it's natural color. I think the dampness of the conditioner caused it to look different, and now it's just fine. Good luck!
  8. Does the Vectra protect against denim transfer? I have a Latte Rocco and am always nervous about wearing it with jeans (which is what I wear 98% time). Can it work on Balenciaga? TIA.
  9. i second this! i condition and rain&stain my rocco with the apple products and so far so good! though i haven't tried it on my lizard emile yet.....

    and to the OP - LOVE your rocco collection!!! :woohoo: