Using a keepall 45 as a plane bag

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  1. I recently bought a keepall bandoulire 45 to use as my plane bag instead of a NF. I have been watching you tubes on it. Just curious how it may have worked for others. I will use for iPad, makeup,camera etc and keep under the seat with me

    I would love to hear about others experiences :smile:
  2. I don't have a Keepall 45, but I've had a Carryall for almost 10 years. I believe they are similar in size.

    IMO, it's the perfect carry on bag. I used to do international flights all the time. I kept a light cardigan / wrap, a pair of slippers, toiletry bag, makeup bag, mini tablet, chargers, water bottle, and snacks in mine.
  3. I have a Keepall 45 and 55 - personally, the Keepall doesn't work for me as a carryon for the things that I need to access while flying. I like to just reach down, grab the iPad/kindle/etc. I works for me for clothing/stored in the overhead with the neverfull (or other tote of choice) on the floor
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  4. I use keepall 45 as my carry on but I put it in the overhead locker. I put iPad, phone and passport holder in the pocket in front of me on the plane and everything else include my purse goes to overhead locker.
  5. this is exactly what I wondered....if I would prefer the ease of a tote to grab my things
  6. I don't own a keepall, but I was wondering if it could fit a neverfull inside to organize the bag a bit and put ur necessities in and keep under ur seat. I have a travel longchamp (cheating on LV :smile:) that is a big hole so I put my NF in it to kinda keep things organized and put my necessities in it. I store this under my seat and it works really well as I can access and find my necessities really easy instead of rummaging in my Longchamp which is like a black hole otherwise. If u have a NF maybe u can try this.
  7. The keepall 45 is actually perfect as carry on. I don't leave home without it! I store mine under the seat and have no problem accessing all my items. A tote wouldn't allow me to bring much.
  8. Most airlines allow one carry on bag (like a Keepall 45 or 50, a Pégase, or another travel bag) and a personal item (a handbag, a computer case, or a backpack).

    I don't think it's fair to consider the Keepall 45 as a personal item (way too big), but it's definitely a classic carry on bag!
  9. It would be my only carry on item
  10. What about a monogram Macassar keepall 55?
  11. Big yes from me. K45 is my favorite bag from LV. Perfect size for those who pack light (or who have another checked bag). Since yours has the shoulder strap, you will have both hands free in the airport- quite a luxury.