Using a Bamboo Steamer

  1. I got one for christmas and ive wanted one for a long time, but how do you actually use it? ive seen some chefs on the FoodNetwork line the bottom of it with leaves of some sort, but im not sure what, and when i googled it, i saw cheesecloth, but cheesecloth and raw chicken just dont go in my mind. :shrugs: has anyone used them before? TIA
  2. Congratulations! If you like your food steamed, you'll find many uses for it.

    1) You can line it with parchment paper punched with holes if you want to steam dumplings or buns.
    2) You can put your meat on a dish that would fit inside the steamer properly.
    3) You can pretty much use any veggies you want as the liner, really, anything with big leaves would do.
  3. ^^^ thanks :smile: i dont know what i was so scared about lol. i used it last nite, chicken on parchment paper and broccoli on romaine lettuce leaves. came out sooo yummy!